Monday, March 12, 2007

No Sweat!

Going to the gym is always an adventure. I am constantly amused by the other people sweating around me. Sometimes I am confused by the girl who does at least two hours on the stair stepper. How does she get anything else done? And just how many flights of stairs does she climb up every week? Then there are the skinny boys who just love cardio. Come on, you are smaller than most girls, stop working out already. These are the same type that will lift 5 pound weights and act like it is at least 50. Is it really that difficult? Some textbooks are that heavy! My personal favorite is a guy who bangs on the treadmill with his fists and jumps around during his run. I think he is secretly planning on trying out for Ok Go or something.

Given all this weirdness I do not usually feel it necessary to look nice. My typical outfit consists of cheerleading shorts and one of my million sorority tees. I think it may be time to invest in more flattering gear. I have heard that looking good is motivation in itself.

My first purchase would be this fun little hoodie. Having a cute cover up for those chilly days is always good.

I also think it may be time to retire the cheerleading shorts. Those days are long gone! These retro style Puma shorts would be an upgrade.

And of course, a tee is probably the least flattering item around. I like this workout tank because it has fun little strap details.

Now it is time to run in style!


Rebecca said...

Where can I find that cute tank?

Love the blog!

Blonde Belle said...

Here is the link:

Happy shopping Rebecca! :)