Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Live and Learn

It is easy to go through life without any real feedback. Too often constructive criticism is stymied by a mandate for diplomacy and tact in everyday conversation. Nevertheless, it is actually refreshing to be the focus of brutally honest analysis once in a while. So I would like to thank Ivy Gate for taking the time to evaluate my little blog.

The reviewer is correct; I am not looking to boast about my education or somehow give profound philosophical meaning to fashion. Most of all I do not take myself too seriously… an affliction from which some of my peers suffer.

So in the words of Erica Jong: "No one ever found wisdom without also being a fool. Writers, alas, have to be fools in public, while the rest of the human race can cover its tracks."

Thanks to every person who indulges my foolishness.

Ride Into the Sunset

One of my good friends is taking an equestrian class this semester and I am so jealous. If my schedule was not already full of non-horsey classes I would be saddling up as I write. I think this stems from childhood when I would ride all the time. As time has worn on the memories of having to clean hooves (ick!) and being stepped on by large horses (oww!) have faded into the background. So when I think about riding only happy memories of cantering around the yard are left. Well, even if I am not destined to professionally ride I still like the style associated with riding horses.

Western Style

Without getting into the boring nitty gitty like saddle and riding difference, let's just say Western is a more casual approach. When I think of Western riding I think of the whole cowgirl look.

A cute pair of boots is a great way to use the Western inspiration. You do not need to literally buy a pair of Justin boots. Instead stick with a more modern take like these Anna Sui ones. I especially like the embossed sides and taller heels. The neutral color also ensures you can get lots of use out of them... unlike my old roommate's hot pink cowboy boots which were a tad hard to miss.

An updated version of the classic button-up can snazz up the old wardrobe. It has been a couple of years since these were everywhere, so it seems like a great time to trot them out again. If you have long since donated your cowgirl shirts, this Diesel shirt may be just what you are looking for. The built-in belt is a nice addition since it will help to give more shape.

Unless you have a Western themed party to attend, forget the fringe and cowboy hat. The key here is to blend the pieces with regular items in your closet... not to look like an extra in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

English Style
Compared to Western, English style is more formal and fitted. There are no crazy cowboy prints here... but still some fun jumping.

A good blazer fits into this look perfectly. My Mom always tried to harass me into buying blazers when I was younger but I never listened. Now I finally see the wisdom of her advice and have about seven blazers in my closet.

They are great for those weird months in spring and fall when it is still cool but not cold enough to warrant a coat. This J. Crew one is nice enough that it can be worn for work or play. Plus the bigger buttons and pocket details give it a tad more personality.

You may also think about a turtleneck. I know that the mention of the word can scare many fashionable girls but there are a few cute ones out there. (Here's a hint, do not shop in the old ladies department or at LL Bean for this item.) A modern fitting turtleneck can do wonders whereas a poorly fitted one will make you look dowdy. Both Michael Stars and James Perse have some options to consider. The James Perse turtleneck even comes in a shade called "saddle." Imagine that!

Tucking those skinny jeans into tall boots is yet another nod to this style. Or even go all out and buy some jodhpurs-type pants. Hey, they are designed to be tucked in! (Unlike most pants that create that random bulge of material at the ankle.)

Even if you do not plan on honing your equestrian skills any time soon, it is always nice to be inspired. And a fashion habit will be cheaper than buying a horse; paying for gear, lessons, and boarding; and of course, some nice entrance fees for dressage. It is always nice to rationalize why fashion is the right hobby, right?

Defining Your Icy Existence

When waking up with a horrible cold and snow piled high outside your apartment, my first instinct is always to roll over and hibernate the rest of winter. Fortunately, I usually have a little treat from Daily Candy to make my morning better. (This is especially true now since I cannot taste real candy. Boo.) Today they had the cutest feature on winter words. (They create slang words/terms and define them.) Here are some that I plan on using… or at least thinking them, since my cold has compromised my ability to speak!

freezie freakies
n. Those prone to wearing full-on Siberian outfits, lumber jackets, fur hats, or snowshoes when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

(Hello to any southern on campus. Although I do not think I have yet to see snowshoes.)

wishful drinking
v. To drink excessively on a Tuesday night based on the desire for work to be called off due to snow.

(Give it up, you know that schools almost never give days off. It would take about two feet plus ice up here. In warmer parts of the country this term applies since y'all get days off when there is ice on the road. Wusses.)

mitten kitten
n. The evil fairy who steals one mitten or glove from your coat pocket every winter.

(Where is my black glove? And my lavender leather one? This must be the explanation.)


n. Old, tattered, or unfashionable clothing worn simply because it’s too cold to care.

(Oh yes, people in sweatpants this one is for you!)

snow flake
n. A person who cancels plans at the slightest mention of precipitation.

(I am very guilty of this one. In my defense, sometimes the snow is a good excuse not to go to a crappy restaurant.)

Oh winter. While I gorge myself on Vitamin C Drops I hope the rest of you wishfully drink the vision of those freezie freakies and resortwear addicts away.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haute to Everyday: My Favorite

Although I find many runway collections interesting, Elie Saab won my heart for the best Couture Collection this spring. I suppose I am not a lone wolf, it seems every well-dressed star parades around in his gowns. This collection was amazingly beautiful.

From the rich fabrics to the diaphanous hues, the details were elegant and flattering. A close look at one of the dresses reveals the details of the bead work, draping of the bow, and pleating on the bottom half.

There also some bolder looks like this black and striped gown. I like the asymmetrical top in particular… always more interesting in my opinion. Plus who wouldn’t look tall with those long, thin vertical stripes?

And if someone does not pick this glamorous number for a red carpet event, they are clearly blind. Although as a blonde, I would personally look for a different tone.

Think of Elie Saab as your guardian angel for that next formal event you have… spring formal, swanky benefit, whatever. This cream Laundry gown evokes the same feel. While it is obviously not the same standard, it still has some of the details and pale color.

This Moschino Cheap & Chic dress is another option. The fabric is actually striped silk of cream, white, and grey. Plus the sweet bow and draped neckline adds to the overall effect.

Saving the best for last, I just love, love, love this gown. It captures the spirit of Elie Saab with the tiny pleat details on the bust and waist. Plus the iridescent grey shade is reminiscent of those featured in the collection.

While there are always alternatives, Elie can dress me any day!

Haute to Everyday

Having a couture outfit is a luxury most of us, especially college kids, just cannot splurge on. Plus is it really practical to wear an item that expensive and special to a lecture, grimy bar, or even grimier party? Until the day when we have a special couture piece, we can still take away some key elements from the spring shows.


The Chanel Couture collection was filled with shades of black, white, and red. There was a big emphasis on an hourglass shape. Wide belt and fitted styles were used to show case the waist. In addition, black tights were everywhere.

Takeaways for the real world: Don’t put away those popular wide belts and tights just yet. Look for fitted styles that skim and show off your shape. Keep any eye out for simple black and white pieces like this Pink Tartan dress.

Christian Lacroix

The Christian Lacroix collection was the complete opposite of Chanel’s. Instead of simple and elegant, the collection was composed of loud and exaggerated fashions. Bold prints, ruffles, bright colors, and floral details were all mashed into outfits. The outfits seemed to create unique shapes and personalities for themselves.

Real world takeaways: If you have a strong enough personality to carry colors and patterns like this, go for it. However, I would pick one of the ideas to use in an outfit instead of all of them. Pairing a bright, printed top with jeans is a good way to pull it off. This Tocca top features a simpler circle print with colorful teal, red, and amethyst details. Another variation is to use a patterned tote or vivid shoes with a streamlined outfit.


The Valentino Couture Collection can be summed up with one word: white. Literally, almost every look was purely white. (There was one dress of a pale yellow hue and one with a floral print.) That made the looks different was the use of various textures, fabrics, and shapes. The key was an uncomplicated yet feminine look.

In the real world: Do not shy away from white. Yes, it can get dirty easily but so can most colors. I know people also avoid white because it supposedly makes them look fat. Remember if the garment is fitted correctly it will be flattering. A fitted white dress like this Rachel Roy one is a wonderful way to start your foray into the world of white.

And just think of all the other Couture Collections out there...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Coat of Many Colors

Walking around campus can be quite depressing at times. As far as the eye can see are black down coats. While some are trimmed with fur (faux or real) and the exact style may marginally change, the overall effect is one big blah. Today I perked up when I saw a girl sporting a rose and white plaid pea coat in front of the Hotel School. (Of course!) Here is more proof that there are better options that the obligatory poufy Northface:

Why look like a round ball of down when you can look sultry. I love the idea of a red coat like this one . I have a feeling the color would be more versatile than you think. Plus you never know who will notice you when you stand out in a crowd. Wink, wink.

If you want to replicate the fashionable girl I spied, this plaid McGinn coat is a good start. Unlike too many winter coats, this one will actually give you some shape thanks to the wide belt. I also like that you can flip the furry collar up to protect against the wind, snow, and other nasty elements. Be forwarded, your roommate may try to steal this coat from you. No borrowing allowed!

And if you absolutely cannot stand the thought of not having a down coat, pick one in a unique shade. How about silver like this one. It even has ruffles, got to love that. This would also make a great ski jacket. You would look like a silver bullet… unless you fell and then you would just look like a klutz. But a cute klutz nonetheless!

Say goodbye to that boring black excuse for a coat. Nothing beats the winter blues like a little color.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Protesting the Protesters

I like free stuff. Two free on campus items I picked up daily are the WSJ and the Cornell Daily Sun. Most of the time I just end up using the Sun for an easy crossword. Today there was actually news pertinent to my own life: my weekend in DC may not be so peaceful.

Thanks to a column by Laura Taylor, I now know about the big old Anti-Iraq War march going on this weekend. Great, just great. I go to the District to escape Ithaca. Not to be followed by like a hundred Ithacans. Probably the same ones who insert “war” on the local stop signs… clever move guys.

Some helpful words of advice to the protesters:

-Pick up after yourselves. After the Pro-Life March the area looked like a trash dump of litter. (My boyfriend had to run through it and was extremely annoyed.) How hard is it to recycle people? It is all about the golden rule. How would you feel if a bunch of people showed up and trashed your town?

-Just take a cab. If public transportation confuses you in any way, shape, or form, then skip it. It does not help your cause if you piss off DC residents with your incompetence. Just think of your taxi fare as a contribution to the local economy or something.

-Try to look sane. I know you are passionate about your issue but remember not everyone is caught up in the same fervor. There is a thin line between a compelling protest and a fanatical one. The key is not to look like that homeless guy who thinks the CIA is tracking him.

-And most importantly, shower. This is not the 1960s. Hygiene is an important social norm that is even more vital when you are part of a massive crowd. Keep it clean, your fellow protester will thank you. Also, pick a semi-fashionable outfit that does not include a fanny pack. I would appreciate that on a personal level.

Good luck with your march this weekend. I bet that long bus ride is going to be super fun. I will be the one zipping by in my lovely car surrounded by my own apathy!

Plan in Style

Dogs or diamonds are declared the best friend of choice, but I can think of an even better one: a planner. Do not get me wrong. I love dogs. My cute Cocker Spaniel makes my day so much sunnier! And ditto for diamonds. You cannot go wrong with a great pair of diamond stud earrings. But will either of them tell you what time your mani-pedi appointment is? Or when your friend’s birthday is? Not a chance.

Having a good planner is a necessity to many of us, so why not have a little fun too? I bet an ugly generic black planner will not lift your mood at all. I have to admit the sight of my lavender crocodile planner is easy on the eye.

There are all types of ways to get organized and stay stylish. A Smythson planner is a classic. While they have a large selection of their normal styles, they currently have 10th Anniversary planners that were created by designers such as Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen, and Missoni. The Missoni planner features their signature multi-colored print. You do not have to worry about someone else having this!

If you are looking for something shiny to help you track your numerous dates, this Kate Spade organizer is perfect. And we all know how I love metallics. Added plus: it is pink on the inside! So girly.

Some people swear by electronic planners like the tiny Palm Z22. My family obsessively uses these things. Unlike a traditional planner, there are a million added features. You can download anything from dictionaries to games. (The games may help you survive a painfully boring class.) Although I own one, I like physically writing things down. I guess I am old fashioned.

So whatever way you choose, getting organized can mean more than buying a token black book. I just wish I could give them to all my chronically late friends so they would actually show up places on time. But you cannot ask for miracles!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Here An Ad, There An Ad

I remember the good old days when the Facebook was not a place filled with shameless pandering. Sigh. As if I did not see enough advertisements during the day. For example, do I need to know that Victoria's Secret is having a semi-annual sale? Not really. To tell the truth it pretty much feels like they are ALWAYS having a sale. It must be because of the omnipresent ads and extensive sale length. Plus if you actually consider buying these cow print boots, we may have to have a fashion intervention for you. Unless you are trying to seduce a cowboy or work at a Western-themed bar I suppose.

The ads seem fairly pointless and bland. The next flyer I encountered was the “Cornell Ring Event” that was hawking school rings. This may be a bit different for guys, but I do not have the slightest inclination to spend money on a class ring. The vast majority of class rings are fairly unattractive. That is not the type of decoration my hand needs every day. Maybe if the ring had some sort of superpower attached to it… perhaps the power to walk in heels without pain. Now I would put up with an ugly ring for that bonus.

Then I was annoyed by a University of Phoenix ad. What is the purpose of this ad? Most Facebook users are current or former college students who are already attending school. (I know I am not including those High School kids. I’m sorry but they should not have been allowed on in the first place. It is the equivalent of inviting high schoolers to your next frat party. Bad news for all.) Anyway, the whole concept of an online school just bothers me. Not good enough for a normal classroom like the rest of us?

I just wish there was some area of my life that was a safe haven from stupid advertising. The Facebook obviously is not the place to turn. I just have to hope my email stays ad-free. Please?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Right to Party

With so many types of parties out there, it is easy to concoct a flimsy reason to celebrate. Like those people who go out every Wednesday simply because it is “hump day.” Gross. Better to admit you are an alky like Lindsey Lohan. Anyway, I was recently invited to a “State of the Union Watching Party.” This tops my list of lamest reasons to throw a party. (Does it even count as a “party”?) Much to my chagrin my boyfriend has also been invited to this odd breed of gathering. What? There is more than one of these things?!

According to my research, January 31st is also “Backward Day,” “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day,” and the day that the twist off bottle cap was invented. All three of these are a better theme for a party. Who does not want to see someone wearing his or her shirt backward? Kris Kross must have loved this holiday. Or someone attempting to finger paint after a few too many shots? Remember to save the painting in case the individual becomes well known! The twist off cap lends itself well to a party too. (Think of all the beers to choose from.) At least these themes are more amusing than deconstructing the geo-political situation in the Middle East. I hear that every day!

I can only picture this so-called party panning out if an element of fun was introduced. I suggest going with the tried-and-true drinking game. It would be ridiculously easy to set up. Just take certain phases, words, or missteps and assign some amount of drinking or funny task. For example, every time the President mentions the word “surge” take a shot. When he mispronounces a word put your hand on your head. The last person that notices the mistake has to chug a beer. See? So simple! We are in college people. Save your analysis for Wednesday’s meeting of GOVT 316.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Guide for the Rest of Us

Vogue has a lovely feature where fashionable people such as Zac Posen help you to find the best places in the world’s “shopping cities.” The chosen cities include London, LA, Istanbul, Dubai, Shanghai, and Antwerp. Not surprisingly, Ithaca is not included in the list. (Although neither is NYC, I guess it is overdone.) And while knowing the Lime Tree CafĂ© in Dubai is a wonderful place to have green tea can be helpful, it is not exactly useful to those of us stuck in the nether regions of the Empire State. So are there any interesting places in this small town? Yes, but you have to know where to look.

Morgan’s is a fun boutique by the Commons. (It was formerly called Pooky & Sebastian. It reminds me of that adorable basement store in Hanover.) It is one of the few places that stocks designer brands. If you are looking for designer jeans (Joe’s, Sevens, Citizens, Rock & Republic, et al) this is the only store you should check out. They also have some pretty awesome sales. I am always surprised more people do not shop here. I guess the Commons must be too far from Collegetown! (A whole half-mile or something.) But a warning, skip the Juicy terry clothing, please.

Another place in the Commons I like is called American Crafts. The have the most beautiful hand blown glassware. It is not one of those places you shop at every day. However, it is a great resource for gifts… especially for Moms/Grandmothers/Aunts or housewarmings.

A girl like me just has to eat. I strongly dislike chain restaurants like Applebees or Ruby Tuesdays, so being in Ithaca actually makes me happy in that respect. For my money, Simeon’s (in the Commons) has the best sandwiches in the area. Plus, the names are locally themed which I find cute. The Moosewood is one the areas most interesting restaurants. I believe this was the first place I went out to eat here. They have an ever-changing menu so there is always something new to try. It is also completely vegetarian which gives me lots of choices! For brunch, go with the Carriage House. Their breakfast dishes are so rich. Purity Ice Cream is necessary to have once it warms up. You can tell how fresh it is compared to the store bought kind. It makes a difference.

And of course, you cannot be in a college town without talking about bars. My favorite bar is just a quick walk from my apartment: Stella’s in Collegetown. (See picture to the left.) If you want any sort of specialty drink this is the place. Try the Clever Suburbanite, Lychee-tini, or my favorite, the Billionaire “Philanthropist.” Plus it is right by the other bars if you want to join the crazier crowd at the Palms or what not.

So have fun in Ithaca until your next trip to Istanbul!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


As a preteen I took quizzes all the time, even though the questions were so obvious. You know this type quiz!

For example: Is Your Crush Into You? (So with breathless anticipation, you flip to the page to determine if that boy in your algebra class is your soul mate. Then you find questions and answers like this…)
Q: You walk by you crush, does he…
1) Ask you if you finished last night’s homework (1 pt).
2) Compliment your new tank top (2 pts).
3) Ignore you; he is the strong silent type (0 pts).

Anyway, I fell back into the quiz-taking trap. What can I say; I had a moment of weakness. The quiz promised to tell me what celebrity I dressed the most like. (You can take the same quiz here .) While taking the quiz I was shaking in my boots. If my style turned out to be like Tara Reid or someone I would have taken advantage of my Ithacan setting and jumped into a gorge. Luckily, my celebrity style was most like Reese Witherspoon! So wonderful!

According to the quiz, my “wardrobe consists primarily of girl-next-door styles such as sweet dresses, frilly blouses and pretty accessories.” Sounds about right. The quiz even managed to pinpoint my love of Nanette Lapore. Nice work quiz writer.

If all quizzes were this accurate I would not have dumped my preteen quizzed-taking habit. As if I needed any more ways to waste time…

Spring Forward

The beginning of a new semester brings the promise of a fresh start. Whether your goal is a 4.0 or to go out every Tuesday night, go all in! But there are a few pitfalls you should avoid and ideas to try this spring if you want to stay tasteful and happy.

1. Leave your bedding at home! While Mary-Kate Olsen may think wearing this plaid blanket is a unique fashion choice, you should not follow her lead. There is a reason for the term “bedding” it is meant to dress up beds, not people. One exception: toga party.

2. Take care of yourself! I know it may be tempting to sit around watching old SATC episodes and snacking on pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Sitting around will only depress you more and will often put a strain on those cute clothes of yours. Just think of Vince Vaughn whenever you want to skip the gym. Do you want to end up like that?

3. Do not pick Paris Hilton as your role model. You do not need a fake tan, fake hair, and all that stuff. Just be you, people appreciate real personalities, not celebrity clones.

4. Recover from a breakup gracefully. Your 20s can be a crazy time for relationships. Even those perfect couples hit the rocks sometimes. Instead of becoming a crazy party girl (a la Britney) or an emotional mess, throw yourself into something new. I know it is not new advice but who knows, you may be a wonderful golfer and never know until you try!

5. Do something good. This can be a simple as donating those clothes you have not worn in ages or working at soup kitchen once a month. Or go all out and organize a huge charity ball, fashion show, or other event. It may be more work but you get to buy a fun outfit for the event! In any case, giving back will not only make you feel like you made a difference, it will expand your horizon.

Good luck everyone! Have a wonderful spring semester!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chocolate Delights

Given the rapidly approaching end of the long winter break, it was once again time for me to trek to the frozen north. The drive is always the same: full of endless highway, countless bad/reckless/slow drivers, and weird country radio stations. Sometimes I busy myself with thinking about the towns I am driving though. I look at cities like Scranton and wonder who would live there. Or how Cockeysville (in Maryland) got its name. Today during my random stream of consciousness I started to think about the town of Hershey in Pennsylvania. (Yes, it is named after the candy company. There is even a candy-themed amusement park. It is bizarre.) Being the single-minded girl that I am, my thoughts quickly turned not to chocolate for eating but the rich chocolate shades to wear.

I always like an easy dress. People always seem impressed when I throw on a dress to go out. It is a win-win situation since dresses both look stylish and are comfortable. This DVF wrap dress is great because of its versatility. Nice date with a certain someone? Check. Martinis with the girls? Check... unless you have a few too many and decide to walk around barefoot. Good for almost everything? Check plus!

If these BCBGirls pumps were a type of candy they would be chocolate with caramel. Yum. But this embellished pair is even better since A) it will not make you fat and B) they are practically guaranteed to get compliments. Unless your friends are evil and mean, but your friends aren’t like that right?

Since the weather has decided to turn wicked this week, buying a coat may be a good investment. (Or you could find a driver to take you everywhere you go!) Wool is a terrific option if you are somewhere cold. The collar of this chocolate coat will protect you from the wind and snow. Talk about style and function!

And if the cold weather is really depressing you, focus on the future! Think spring break and/or summer! A brown color will help to flatter your newly acquired tan… or perhaps a burn. Remember the SPF with this lovely La Perla bikini. Your skin will thank you later in life. Plus you do not want to be the miserable one that has to stay inside the rest of vacation.

Who needs plain old chocolate when there are so many other tasty alternatives out there?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Ladies

I have to admit that instead of actually watching the Golden Globe, I sat through a long episode of 24. Yeah, another two hours, ugg. Anyway, I do not regret my decision because the only part of the award shows I enjoy is the fashion.

Vanessa Williams went all out for the Golden Globes. Big hair, big cleavage, and even a mink for the freezing Cali weather. I feel bad for the animal that died for her coat. Just think it could have been roaming around the forest, enjoying life instead of making a former Miss America/singer/actress look even worse. More is not always better people!

I just loved Julia Louis Dreyfus’s frock. The mustard color stands out from the sea of black. The metallic decoration and the detail of the bust are so flattering. Nice choice!

Jessica Biel’s dress was a tad blah for me. It just looked like a large block of silver. There needed to be some differentiation in the dress… like a second color around the waist or maybe some seaming details. The choice of earrings reminds me of large disco balls. It is 2007 not 1975 Jessica.

I did not look up who this is but according to my boyfriend she is “the hot chick from Rescue Me.” (He is always so accurate.) I love the plunging neckline. It works so well on smaller chested women. I would look like a stripper in this. So unfair. The whole look is simple yet elegant.

And of course, Eva Longoria, another elegant choice at the Golden Globes. The rich navy fabric sets off her skin and dark hair. The scoop detail and matching earrings are all the dress needs to shine. I am glad she decided to skip a necklace; it would have been a distraction.

Overall I thought the stylists did a wonderful job on the stars outfits. Clean and simple is always the way to go!

Oh and Entourage was robbed! It is so much better than Ugly Betty. Hands down!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hooray for Last Call!

Hearing the words “Last Call!” strikes fear into many a college student. This time, do not panic, your night is not in danger of ending. Instead the term may lead you to a slew of sale items at NM. Although even a Last Call sale may put fear into the heart of guys still. Don’t worry guys you don’t have to go shopping... you can sit around and watch the NFL playoffs for HOURS instead. For those who like to shop, there are some great deals:

Although it has been warmer than usual, unfortunately it is still winter. While it may be easy to slip into Northface fleece and hooded sweatshirt mode, this coat is an infinitely better choice. The Nanette Lepore trench ensures that you still have a figure even in the bitter cold. The frog closures are a special detail as well.

Being in college can be hard, however, this Collegiate Satchel may at least lighten your load. I am not always a Michael Kors fan but I like the tobacco leather and gold studs. It sort of makes me want throw a rodeo theme party with a mechanical bull. Maybe the purse is a better idea.

And I am so excited about this perfect slip dress for only fifty-six dollars. I have a navy J. Crew cardi that would be a nice cover-up until spring arrives!

Living in the dorms or rundown rental houses can be very crappy. Sometimes the best you can do is to decorate over the bad bones of your living arrangement. I think this bedding set would perk up the ugliest of rooms. I would personally pick the pink striped bedding. I am just a pink girl.

And for the Florida fans, a sporty orange and blue tie to celebrate their big win. Hey, it's a whole lot better than what football fans usually wear... i.e. weird facepaint and costumes.

So watch out, Last Call has begun!