Monday, July 16, 2007


The wedding season is in full swing again. This means A. too many presents to buy, B. numerous open bars to look forward to, and C. cute outfits to plan. I will try to help on the final part!

For a more casual affair stick with a pretty printed skirt or flirty dress. This fun skirt would work great for a summer wedding...especially one on or by the beach. (Remember to wear flats at the beach!) Anthropologie is a good place to look for skirts. All these skirts would work nicely.

Sundresses are another easy look to consider. This Ella Moss dress is simple and comfortable. (You know that you will be wearing it all the time!) Lilly Pulitzer is another great choice. Lilly sundresses are made for summer weddings. Sundresses are especially great if you have to travel a long distance to the wedding. They are easy to pack and leave more room for you to overpack other things!

A formal wedding is your chance to really jazz it up. A LBD is always a safe option. This Banana shift dress is simple but the shorter hemline keeps it up to the moment. This Nicole Miller dress is another great find if you are tired of black. If you are feeling a little exposed take a wrap with you. (This matters if the ceremony takes place in a church.) This BCBG dress would be wonderful at a fancy outdoor event. If you really want to make a statement try this taffeta DVF number. Just grab a slick clutch and you are ready to rock!

With all the choices out there just remember one thing: do not wear white. You do not what to be that girl...

Friday, July 13, 2007

What a Croc

Slate has a great article all about Crocs. Even though I think they are incredibly ugly it was still an interesting read. (If you are a nerd like I am!)

For now I will stick to my espadrilles for comfort. Although it would have been a good bet to buy the stock when it went public...

Update: There is also an article in today's (July 15th) NYT's magazine on the same subject.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Party Planner: Summer Fiesta

Summer is the best time to have a party. People are usually more relaxed and there are a million reasons to celebrate (Fourth of July, Birthdays, Because it is Tuesday...). The warm weather also allows you to take advantage of the great outdoors more than other times of the year. (Although I have to admit, I love a good ski gathering.) Anyway, the best person to throw a summer party should have a pool, a lake house, a beach house, or a sailboat/yacht. See a theme with the water? Just remember, if the host has boats or other watercrafts try to hide them from guests who have a tendency to drink too much. Trust me, you don't want that one wasted guy taking the sailboat for a spin.

Element One: Fire

Fire can come in many forms. It can range from small candles to torches to a full-scale bonfire. It really just depends on the size of your property and how much work you want to put into it. These tiki torches are an inexpensive way to jazz up your party. And they help to keep pesky bugs away. Another option is to use electric lights. (This will prevent someone from lighting their ugly extensions on fire.) I love the ones from Pottery Barn. They have both simple cream ones and patterned ones. If you are feeling really ambitious, try a clam bake or crawfish boil. So yummy!

Element Two: Liquid

As I mentioned before, water is important. At the very least invest in a kiddy pool: you can fill it with ice and put drinks in it if you want. This category is also a not-so-subtle reference to "drinks." What you put in those drinks is up to you. (I am old so I can drink whatever I want.) The easiest thing is to buy a summery beer like Corona and plenty of limes. Spiked lemonade is a good summer bet (this can also be done with iced tea). I know some people that swear by a watermelon filled with alcohol. It depends on how crazy you are willing to let the party get!

Element Three: Sound

This is your chance to play Jimmy Buffet as much as you want. Go for it! If Jimmy isn't your cup of tea just figure out what bands/songs remind you of summer and stick with those. Just remember to have something in the background, the sound of crickets gets dull.

Element Four: People

Obviously, invite your friends who will have a good time. Also feel free to designate a burly guy as your bouncer... you never know who may show up.

Get to planning! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Cheap not Chic

That inexpensive jewelry may do more than just turn your skin green. An article in today's WSJ, entitled "Lead Toxins Take a Global Round Trip," details just how bad cheap jewelry can be. (See the Marketplace section for the article.) It turns out that more and more cheap Chinese-made jewelry is being found to have high levels of lead, copper, and tin. The toxins end up in the jewelry after waste from electronics and appliances is "recycled." The EPA currently doesn't regulate this sort of waste at all.

According to the WSJ, "this year the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued 18 recall notices affecting more than 6.7 million pieces of jewelry" that had dangerously high levels of lead. Cheap contaminated jewelry has been found in several stores including Claire's and K-Mart. California is attempting to pass a law to prevent dangerous metals from being used in jewelry. Until then this sort of thing is cleared up maybe you should skip the five dollar rings made in China. Your health (and style, I might add) is worth it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Black, White, and Loved All Over

Nothing says summer like a simple white dress. I love this one Claire Danes recently sported. The flutter sleeves are my favorite part. I have to confess that I have a white dress I wear all the time during the warm months. (In fact I wore it yesterday with pink pearls and black cork platforms. Lovely.)

This white BCBG dress is a good option to replicate this look. This one is in an empire waist style. If you are worried that you ate too much pie at the last picnic you attended, this would be good camo!

The black and white combo looks fresh here as well. Instead of a black belt this Cynthia Rowley dress has a built-in necklace so accessorizing is a snap. It also has pockets to store your tiny cell, lip gloss, pepper spray, and other necessities.

A simple shirt dress is another way to go, like this DVF number. (It is on sale at Barney's.) It is all white but you can easily add black into your outfit. A chunk black cuff or big black headband would both work nicely. I also like to pair white with a bright accent color like this red leather J. Crew tote. (It also comes in white if you prefer to stay monochromatic.) Try aqua blue as an accent color as well.

Slip into one of these clean white dresses and you will understand why they say less is more. Just remember to avoid chocolate, red wine, and all those other nasty items that will stain your look...

The Flip-Flopper

Some people seem to irrationally and passionately hate flip-flops. Personally, I think they are great although they are a tad casual for the situations where many people wear them. Flip-flops at the beach? Great. Flip-flops at your cousin's formal wedding? Not so great. Avid flip-flop fans will tell you that they wear them at all times because they are so comfortable. (This is the same logic that Ugg- and Croc-wearing individuals also use as well.) There are a million cute and comfortable sandals out there just waiting to replace your sometimes overly laid-back Reefs and Rainbows. Here are a few contenders:
These are my favorite. I love the starfish detail on these Stuart Weitzman's. They also have a small heel for those girls who hate really flat shoes. Just right for a vacation in the Turks and Caicos or maybe just the local seafood restaurant.

Tropical green slides are also a great bet. I especially like the ankle strap details. I would avoid these if you suffer from "cankles." So sad. I would pair these with khaki Bermuda shorts and bright green top.

Seaside-inspired espadrilles are just right for a weekend at the shore. This pair will be right at home on the boardwalk. Just remember your LL Bean or Vineyard Vines tote and you are set. Oh and remember, it is summer, eat all the ice cream you want!

Finally, here are some red J.Crew slides that are also begging to replace your tired flip-flops. The leather soles make them uber comfortable. They come in a few colors but this red really pops. I have a red coral necklace that would match this pair perfectly. Put on a sweet sundress, grab a boy, and head out for a date... at least your feet won't be in pain by the third minute! The boy may be another story, try to pick one that won't bore you to death.

Don't worry, your flip-flops will never know you are cheating on them with these sexy flats. I promise.

Face Off

I hate to feed into the Paris frenzy but I just wanted to quickly comment on her wardrobe. Apparently Paris has just discovered the technology that suburban parents have known about for more than a decade: how to put someone’s face on a shirt. Unlike overly enthusiastic parents, Paris has opted for a shirt emblazed with her picture. And notice that is not even a good picture, she looks like a drag queen. Was that the only photo she could find? Oh wait, maybe all her pictures look like that.

I find this even more annoying than the message t-shirts people love to wear. (Let’s face it; if you have to tell people you are hot with your shirt, you are probably not that good looking.) My boyfriend pointed out that you should let other people (aka Paris’s pathetic fans) wear shirts like that. He blames the behavior on her new money status. If only she could use that excuse for everything she does.

To sum up, Paris please find a stylist quickly… and then go away for a while. Please? Your vanity is driving me crazy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Belated Summer Post

Now that graduation has come and gone I have found myself in a strange place. I am no longer a student but have not yet started my oh-so-exciting job. So far I have filled the time with the standard summer fare… traveling around the country, frolicking at the beach, attending numerous baseball games, and wearing sundresses like they are going out of style. For now I will stick to the beachy activities…

I used to bake in the sun until my suntan was just perfect. Now my priorities have changed a bit. I just want to make sure I will look unwrinkled and beautiful when I am 40 (and beyond). If I have to be on the pale side to achieve that so be it! Along with my SPF 45 (don’t laugh) I brought along a cute white straw hat to shade my face. Of course I do not cover all my skin. I like to sport a bikini so I can collect shells and swim whenever I want! I like this one with a little Asian flare to it. If you are like my friend who spends a few weeks in the Bahamas on a yacht each summer, you are likely to have a massive collection of adorable suits. (Yes, I am jealous.)

A good beach vacation also calls for fun nights out of the town. Remember to take a nap post-beach/pre-party or you will be hurting as the night goes on. I like dresses because they are both easy to pack and easy to wear. (I obviously change outfits way too many times while trying to decide on the right look.) This bright T-Bags dress just screams summer to me. I suggest pairing it with metallic flats. Trust me, you never know when you will have to, say, run away from a bar fight quickly. (A better scenario would be that you take a walk on the beach with a handsome boy. Flats are a plus there too!)

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer break so far!