Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One Toe in the Real World Pool

One of the most annoying aspects of landing an internship or job is how many things you need. No, not the intangible qualities like talent or connections, but the material goods just to get in the race. I started to wonder just how much all this cost.

Step One: Finding a Position
-Computer: Whether it is a huge database like Monster or the company’s website, you are going to need a way to access it.
Estimated cost: Uh, 600 for a boring, bare bones desktop.

-Coffee: Your new best friend during the job search. Invest in caffeine or suffer the consequences when the bland job descriptions lull you to sleep.
Estimated cost: 2 dollars per cup at your local coffee shop… let’s up this to 20 dollars for a couple intense search sessions.

Step Two: Applying for Said Positions

-Previously mentioned computer for composing cover letters, resumes, and other application materials.

-Printer: If case you need to send hard copies of the materials.
Estimated Cost: About 50 dollars for a bottom of the line inkjet.

-Nice resume paper: Do these people really care if your resume is on heavy linen paper as opposed to normal printer paper? I guess it cannot hurt!
Estimated Cost: About 10 dollars for a package.

-Manila envelopes, stamps, and other such shipping materials: Stupid letters of recommendation.
Estimated Cost: About 15 dollars for it all.

-Time Spent Obsessing over Resume Font… priceless. Which one will tell them I am a efficient person? New Times Roman or Geneva?

Step Three: The Interviews
-Portfolio: Filled with ten extra resumes just in case.
Estimated Cost: About 20 dollars for a decent leather one.

-The Suit: Not just any suit, but one that actually makes you feel confident. There is nothing more awkward than someone who is wearing a suit two sizes too big. Remember to get it tailored.
Estimated Cost: A blazer and pair of trousers at J. Crew will set you back 386 dollars… round up to 400 for very minimal tailoring.

-Dress shirt: Because you have to wear something under that grown up suit!
Estimated Cost: 60 dollars for a broadcloth button down.

-Classic Heels: Your New Balance tennis shoes are not going to hack it here. You should really already have these shoes in your closet.
Estimated Cost: Hmm, I going to ballpark 75 dollars for ones that will look nice and wear well.

-Tights/Nylons: Grin and bear it.
Estimated Cost: Only like 5 dollars. Just pray they do not run.

-Knowing the Right Answer to the Off-the-Wall Questions: Cannot be bought. If you really wanted you could invest in one of those books about interviews, or reading the Vault… a lot!
Estimated Cost: Free!

All this junk amounts to approximately one thousand two hundred fifty-five dollars. Ugg, think of all the purses that would buy. (Two? Three?) I suppose compared to the thirty thousand for tuition this little expense is a drop in the bucket. All this “investing” in the future, it just better have a good ROI!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars... Minus the Pesky Awards Part

This year I found the whole Oscar thing even more overrated than usual. I knew it would be bad when my pop-culture guru friend told me she would not be watching. If the ratings are especially bad this year she alone is probably half the reason! Most of the time I have not even seen most of the movies nominated. It is not that I dislike going out to the movies, it just seems pricey for a tame night out. It costs ten dollars to sit in a dark room and not interact with anyone? It is hard to justify in my budget.

Despite all this I still am a girlie girl and enjoy looking at pretty dresses. And let’s not forget all the handsome men in tuxes. What is it about formal wear? It makes guys look so darn cute. Since the Oscars are a wonderful venue for observing both pretty dresses and handsome men I make it a priority to watch… the arrivals. What can I say; I have work to do on Sunday nights!

Here are some of the Oscar night looks, from my most hated to most adored:
This is just all wrong. Kirsten Dunst’s dress looks like something an old lady would wear. Is her stylist’s name Ethel? She would have been better off stealing some of those regal gowns from the set of Marie Antoinette. At least she could have passed it off as a nod to the movie winning for costume design.
I normally love Gwyneth’s style but this is just heinous. First, the color is not very flattering and on the verge of plain ugly. Then to top it off the dress is poorly fitted.
I usually like presents. However, Anne Hathaway’s dress is certainly not a gift I would like to receive. She has very pretty porcelain skin but the white dress just blends right in. That leaves the giant black bow just sitting there, looking out of place.
I loved the top half of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s gown, that neckline is just beautiful. I also liked that she kept it simple and let the asymmetric lines of the dress do the talking. But what was on the bottom half? Faux fur? A dead beaver? It confused me.
Jodie Foster looked amazing! Can you believe she is 44 years old? I loved the soft lines of her dress. I want to wear this to my next gala, seriously.Yea for picking a color other than black or blue! I like a girl who is not afraid of pink, especially bold fuchsia. Plus, she is an expert at knowing how to flatter her curves. That is exactly why every guy I know is obsessed with Jessica Biel.Reese’s thoughts: “Ryan, eat your heart out. I bet you are kicking yourself now jerk.”Emily Blunt’s shimmering sapphire dress was one of my favorites of the night. I liked it because it was sleek and clean. I am sure being super skinny helps pull it off. This dress looks like it would show any flaw. I only wish she had paired it with a pendent necklace or choker so her neck did not look so bare.
And last, but certainly not least, Abigail Breslin looked too cute for words! Aww.

I suppose the Oscars were not a total waste. My favorite (The Departed) did win Best Picture...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bring on the Rain

Well Britney Spears has shown us that umbrellas can used for bad purposes. I guess the paparazzi were lucky she did not have a tee time that day. I bet a nine iron would have done a tad more damage. (She has a talent for taking nice things like umbrellas and hair and turning them into disasters.) If you are the sort of person who prefers to use umbrellas in a more traditional way, the choices are endless.
I am the first to admit that I am not a Juicy Couture lover. I blame them for all those heinous terry cloth tracksuits. Why are people still wearing them? Anyway, I was surprised when I actually like one of their umbrellas. The map design is fun and it wins big bonus points for not having Juicy Couture plastered all over it.

Kate Spade usually has cute ones as well but they only seem to have one on their website now. Come on Kate, spring is not that far away.

This Tray 6 umbrella really puts me in the mood for tulips and raindrops.

But please play nice with your stylish umbrellas and try to not attack people. It would be a shame to look crazy with such adorable accessories.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

JT Should Look into Bringing Brooks Brothers Back Too

Today the NYT's has a lovely article about shopping at the flagship Brooks Brothers store. I just love their clothes for guys. It must run in the family. I have hazy childhood memories of my Grandfather looking dapper in their suits, ties, and shirts. Some of those same ties where even passed down to other family members. I believe the biggest fight was over a tie with Harvard crests. (By fight, I mean a low key discussion. It's a WASP thing.) I cannot believe people cared that much! Guys and ties, it is a strange bond.

Back to the point, it makes me happy that some guys my age have learned the value of Brooks Brothers (and other assorted nice establishments). Don't guys get that girls love it when they dress up? (It must be so easy to be a guy.) I am glad the bf has this lesson down. Now I will just spend the rest of Thursday classes picturing him in one of his B.B. button downs. Thank you for the daily distraction New York Times.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

About a week ago, one of my professors requested that we “dress up a bit” for today’s class since the University would be photographing us. First of all, it is not exciting to be a part of promotional material. It is embarrassing! My parents are the only ones who seem to enjoy pictures featuring my fake, forced smile and me. Or even worse, the photographer will try to capture the “academic” look where you are thinking oh-so-profound thoughts. Too bad you are most likely thinking: why won’t this guy just take the picture and leave me alone?

As I dragged myself up for my early class I had to consider the meaning of the “dress up a bit” mandate. I was not sure if this was a warning directed just at the people who constantly wore t-shirts and hoodies. Or on the other extreme, were we all supposed to show up in snappy skirts and trousers, appearing to be responsible young adults?

I briefly considered just wearing my usual cozy Theory sweater and jeans. After all, I do have seven straight hours of class. Literally, seven hours and twenty minutes. (Insert me desperately running into Trillium for food so I do not abruptly starve and die on Tower Road.) Anyway, then I did a 180 and decided to class it up. I threw on my favorite Lilly Pulitzer skirt (and assorted matching items) and was out the door.

Later in the day I finally arrived at my class. It was a classic vague dress code situation. The room was an odd mix of guys wearing slackers and blazers, people in suits, and those in their normal jeans and sneakers. Seriously, people need to clarify on these attire instructions. I doubt the University is striving to promote the value of “diversity” in clothing styles. Those pictures will only serve to confused people thinking about coming here. I can see a misguided kid pointing to the picture and excitedly saying to his parents: “Look! They will accept my love of daily tux wearing at this school.” Here comes trouble…

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras Madness

Today is Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday if you prefer). The thought of flashing someone for cheap beads does not appeal to me at all. Maybe if the revelers were tossing goodies like this I would be more inclined to celebrate:

Gold beads or a lovely brushed gold bangle… easy choice, right? This bamboo style bracelet opens up so it is very easy to slip on.

You have to have green for Mardi Gras. This peacock green watch is just the thing to celebrate with. You need to keep track of time at these events, right?

And here is a little nod to the Big Easy with a Fleur de Lis necklace. (I suppose it could be a nod to Kappa Kappa Gamma as well, but for the sake of the holiday forget that connection.) You can wear this little treasure all year long.

If you really want to get into the spirit, you can waltz over the Nars counter. They have a duo eye shadow compact with (you guessed it!) green and purple hues. In reality they are referred to as “metallic jade” and “deep aubergine” but you get the idea!
Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Carnival everyone… if you are really lucky you will find the prize in the King Cake and rule for a day!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

If You Like Pina Coladas...

It is officially less than a month until Spring Break! So get excited to leave the cold behind for a few days… and attempt to forget about that huge paper you have to write when you return. In my experience, traveling is ten times better with a little pre-trip planning. Desperately trying to pack a few hours before your flight takes off will not relax you one bit. You are more likely to fly into a rage when you discover that your favorite bikini is inexplicably MIA.
There are a few necessities when packing for your tropical getaway. (Oh and if you will be going to a not-so-warm city, I am sorry if this post makes you feel unloved.) First and foremost, pack a good bathing suit. Not an “okay” one! Those are the ones that end up making you feel fat for the whole trip. I prefer a bikini to a one piece but that's mostly because I dislike odd tan lines. This cute lavender and pink printed Cavalli Freedom bikini is on sale at Bluefly.

Do not forget a beach towel. These striped ones are two for a mere 12 dollars at Target. They come in a bunch of colors so you can coordinate with your bathing suit. Much better than whatever the resort has lying around!

A practical tote is great for hauling your magazines, water bottles, iPod, and assorted junk to the pool. This straw one is on sale for about 20 dollars at J. Crew. And remember to bring your sunscreen to the pool with you! (SPF 8 does not count.) You do not want to end up being that girl who looks like a lobster in every picture. Or even worse, you may have to stay indoors the whole trip. This always happens to someone on the trips I go on!
Whenever you leave the pool for some random reason, an excellent cover up is in order. This lightweight white C&C California dress is right up my alley. It is all cotton so you do not have to worry about being extra careful with it. It is always nice to have a wearable fabric when you are drinking margaritas in the blazing sun. Not that that would cause you any problems, right?
No one wants to face the tropical rays without a pair of shades. (Unless you really like to squint.) I am somewhat tired of the huge oversized sunglasses. Lately I have gone back to wearing aviator style ones. I am a big fan of these Stella McCartney ones. They cost a pretty penny so try not to wear them in the ocean. It seems like a good idea until you get tossed by a giant wave.
While tossing a ratty pair of Rainbows or Reefs into your suitcase might seem convenient, an upgrade would not hurt. These Mella leather sandals are the perfect getaway footwear. They are even nice enough to wear out at night if you want to stay comfortable. Just watch out for mean girls with heels! They always seem to step on exposed toes.
Finally do not forgot to bring at least one fun sundress. You can use them for day activities like exploring the local town. (Cheap jewelry anyone?) Then at night, throw on an eye-catching necklace or dangly earrings plus a bright clutch and you are set! I love this Anthropologie dress because it reminds me of the blue and green colors in the ocean and sky.

So do not wait until the last minute, get planning now!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

At Least There is Food!

All this trudging through piles of snow has temporarily erased fashion from my mind. I suppose I am just more concerned with not falling down and breaking a leg, arm or nose. (I saw a poor guy slip down the tall stairs in the Engineering Quad yesterday; it broke my heart.) I am sure I will come to my senses in a few days. In the meantime I have been dining out a lot recently. Here are a few of the Ithaca eateries I have visited in the past week:

This restaurant on the Commons would probably best described as quirky or eclectic. There is funky décor and very relaxed atmosphere. I have been there many times and have yet to have a bad dish. Also true to Ithacan form, there are plenty of vegetarian options.
Try: The hummus (you need this appetizer!), Roasted Red Portobello Salad, Parmesan Sage Crusted Chicken Sandwich, or Falafel Sandwich.

Collegetown Bagels is a staple around here. As much as I love their food, CTB drives me crazy! I just dislike the chaos and inefficiency. Lose my sandwich once, shame on you. Lose my sandwich twice, shame on me. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get that lesson through my head and keep going back. To CTB’s credit, on this last trip nothing was lost and I was not elbowed/bumped into too many times while waiting for my food.
Try: The Milestone (chicken with a plum sauce), the Flatrock (can you say no to goat cheese?), or the Michigan Hollow. Then there are all the baked goods… mmm.

I love going to Aladdin’s with my friends. They have delicious Arabic, Greek, and other assorted types of ethnic food. Plus they have great house wines that you can drink without breaking the bank. Good food and good wine makes a great girls night in my book. Who else can appreciate your sarcastic sense of humor? Anyway, it is a nice C-Town place.
Try: The Tourlou (great for these cold nights), Spanakopita, Shishkebab Pita (their spelling, not mine!), or Falafel Pita.

I think my boyfriend summed it up best when he said that this restaurant is “like every other one you have been too.” Basically, if it turned out to be a chain restaurant you would not be surprised. (That could be good or bad depending on your opinion.) Remember to bring your patience with you when you come. They do not take reservations, instead there is only a call ahead system. We still waited forty-five minutes despite calling when they opened for the day. The meal itself was pretty good and our waitress was adorable. I probably would not go back until the outdoor patio is open.
Try: The Blue Crab Stuffed Shrimp (very rich) or the Chocolate Cake for Two (really, do not try this on your own).

This place has the best breakfast! Not diner-style food, but real, nice brunch dishes like stuffed French toast. The whole setup is just too cute. The food is usually great here. However, this last time the coffee was inexplicably horrible. Think: drinking tar. And the garlic potatoes were freezing. (We usually love them but they are not so great cold.) I hope it was a blip and next time it is back to being wonderful. They also have dinner at the Carriage House but I have not experienced it yet.
Try: The Pecan Pancakes, Multigrain Waffle, or Garlic Home Fries (they were only bad once!).

I will not be going anywhere until I finally dig my car out of the giant pile of snow that has buried it. I hope everyone else is having fun playing in the snow!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blizzard of Love

I would just like to thank Ithaca for the lovely Valentine’s Day gift. It was very sweet of you. But I have to break it to you: girls do not really want two feet of snow for this holiday.

Next time, try raining candy (Reeses Pieces perhaps) or how about giving us a few UV rays so we are not deathly pale. At least coordinate with Cornell so we get the whole day off and not just the afternoon. A half snow day? That is not nearly as good as a real one. Think about getting half a pair of socks. Same concept.

Stay gorges,
A Cold Student

PS- You had better watch it or I might have to end this relationship in a few months.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Phillip Lim Goes to School

Some collections hit very (maybe too) close to home. Watching the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection was like déjà vu. Didn’t I see these same looks every day? On my professors? Even if you cannot TA during your time at school, Phillip Lim can at least help you to dress like a professor. Some easy steps include:

1. The Classic Trench

It is a classic for a reason. Plus they are always handy to have around if you want to go as a flasher for Halloween.

2. A Top Hat

There is a professor I see all the time sporting this retro headgear. Who knew he was on the cutting edge?

3. A Bow Tie

Nothing says ‘I am better than you’ than a bow tie. Have you ever noticed how people either passionately hate or love these things? I am always surprised by the strong reactions.

4. An upscale version of the L.L. Bean tote

Very inventive huh? Breaking new ground by making the straps leather instead of canvas. (Sorry Phillip looks like L.L. Bean already covered that too.)

I suppose you have to give those Arts and Science professors more credit. Maybe they are hipper than us hoodie-loving students ever knew…

Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Glitz

I have made my feelings about award shows clear in other posts. The Grammy Awards fall into the same category for me. Let’s put it this way, I find my readings for class more interesting. I just do not understand why some people love this mind numbing programming. In terms of fashion, music people are usually the worst. It seems they have to prove their incredible creative talent by donning a bizarre outfit. Yeah, that is they way to get me to download your single.

Ok Go is a band that I like… to listen to, not too see. Apparently, they do not like to see themselves either and decided to cover their faces with red pantyhose material. Right.
Then there are the PCD. They seem to be in a competition to see who can dress the most like stripper going to an award show. Congrats girls, you are all winners. I wonder if the lead singer made all the other members wear short dresses. How bossy!
The Duffster went tragic, adopting the heroin chic/slip dress look of the 1990s.
Again with the random odd attire, Imogen Heap showed off a big poof of frizz, white boots, and oddly shaped dress. She even thought ahead and brought a parasol to ward off, um, indoor showers?
I usually like Mandy Moore. She is normally adorable but this combo threw me. Mismatching polka dot belt and floral dress? Hm, pass.
The biggest surprise in my book was that Fergie arrived actually looking nice. A new stylist in the picture? I thought her silver dress was perfect for the red carpet. Way to sparkle!
All and all, not a very inspiring show. I will just have to wait for the Oscars…

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rest in Peace

Life is filled with losses, some minor, some giant. Losing items like pens or socks falls on the relatively trivial side of the loss spectrum. You tend to get over these occurrences within a few minutes*. (*Unless you are one of those people who is convinced that the dryer is slowly eating your socks. Then you obsess over each lost sock like a single-minded detective. I never understood that version of pseudo-OCD.) At the opposite end of the spectrum are events like someone’s passing which can lead to months, if not years, of grief. Somewhere in the middle is the loss of a favorite possession.

My materialistic loss is my favorite pair of jeans. I bought this specific pair back in the early fall of 2004. The two and a half years seems simultaneously extremely short and long. In some ways, the time has truly flown. In many others the same time dragged on from one hour to the next hour… sometimes every excruciating minute seemed like a battle.

I bought my favorite pair from the lovely jeans section at Neiman Marcus. I was shopping by myself. If you need someone else to confirm that a pair of jeans looks good, you should not be buying them. I was cloistered in a spacious dressing room surrounded by a mess of denim. Some pairs were on hangers, others folded neatly in piles, and still more were haphazardly strewn across the neutral carpet.

Some times the best thing about shopping is that it can distract you from whatever is bothering you. I am sure I was obsessing about a lab report or some such nonsense when I walked though the doors. The calm, air conditioned, well-lit dressing room was completely removed from the sweltering Texas day outside. That particular dressing room even had a small stage-like area surrounded by mirrors so you could ruthlessly scrutinize every angle. Eventually, I tried on a pair of slightly flared, medium rise Citizens in a dark wash. They were perfect to me.

Today that dark wash can be only be found on the insides of its pockets. The bottom leg hems are in decent shape still. Only the slightest fray has formed near my heels. (This is a good thing about being tall; those super long jeans actually fit you.) My favorite jeans are now broken in and even more perfect than when the NM girl first placed them in that yellow butterfly-cover bag.

But I have caused the loss of my jeans. I am guilty of wearing and loving them to death. I have worn them to countless classes. They have tagged along with me to frat parties, dates, church services, trips across the globe, smoky bars, smoke-free bars, museums, fashion shows, family dinners, and every other event under the sun. During these two plus years, I have discovered who will stay your friend when distance makes it hard. I have also found there are those who will turn on you in a split second and never looked back. This is the pair I wore when I had to break someone’s heart. I have also worn them while falling for someone new and wonderful who makes me feel more loved than I can express. I wore my favorite jeans during all these occasions because they made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident.

Now the holes in the denim have told me that it is finally time to let go. After all, it is the memories not the jeans that I really want to keep. I will jealously guard the both joyful and miserable memories of the past two and half years with my life. So until a time when age causes my memory to also become worn and holey… I will remember it all.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Socially Responsible

It must be nice to be a socialite. Sit around sipping Manhattans? Try your hand at working? The choice is really up to you. I am glad that Tory Burch has picked the latter option. Even if you do not like every outfit she creates, you can at least see someone wearing it. (As opposed to some designers that produce for some unknown character.)

Case in point, this smart number.

I could see any college girl wearing this to class. How many of us already wear ballet flats, jeans, and fun blouses already? Welcome to my standard uniform.

And who doesn’t like a little glitter?

Here Tory has another sweetly bowed dress and gold cardi. I like that she kept it classy by only showing off the legs. No one wants to look like a decked out Vegas showgirl. Okay, at least I have no desire to!

If you have to work, there are some ideas as well.

I love the scarlet pencil skirt! The gold details on the toes and heels of the shoes are a nice touch too. The whole outfit is still conservative enough for most offices. Unless you work in a ridiculous land where you can only wear black or navy suits, boo.

Speaking of working, I suppose I should focus on getting a job so I can splurge on these clothes! Until then, hopefully Tory Burch will not turn into a lady who merely lunches.

A True Ally?

So yesterday it was announced that the FDA had approved the first nonprescription weight loss drug called Alli. Basically it is just a half dose of Xenical, which is only available with a prescription.

The Good News: The drug could help many people lose weight. Helping overweight/obese people decrease their risk of weight-related diseases (like diabetes, heart problems) is obviously a great result.

The Bad News: Since it is over the counter anyone can buy it. This means that someone who does not really need to lose weight could potentially abuse the drug. (It brings to mind all the girls I know who are thin but still think they need to lose ten pounds. You already look beautiful!) Another con, it is expensive. The prices for Alli can range from 50 to 100 dollars a month. According to one expert on NPR, the drug will only cut 100 to 300 calories a day from your diet. For your money you can buy a nice gym membership instead.

The Gross News: Alli works by blocking fat absorption in your digestive tract… and that fat has to go somewhere. So basically prepare to run (fast!) to the bathroom if you eat anything with too high a fat content. Ick.

So Alli is far from a cure-all. Some people will definitely benefit from the drug. I, for one, will be sticking with the tried and true way of losing weight!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One in a Million

Every once in a while I am pleasantly surprised by a store I had completely written off. Today I ventured into Gap to see if the conditions had improved. Unfortunately it was the same mess of bland merchandise.

But low and behold, there was a cute item… a sweet baby doll. Lacy? Pink? Polka dotted? Sign me up! I could suddenly see why some of my friends swear by Gap Body. Then my vision cleared and I looked around at the rest of the lingerie. The store was brimming with neutral bras, basic undies, and uninspiring sleepwear. Sadly it was just an outlier.

If only they could learn how to replicate this phenomenon more often. Gap Body, please promote whoever designed this and try to stop putting me into a coma.

Clothes V. Boys

It is no big secret that a lot of ladies love clothes. But just how deep is their adoration?

A new study out confirms every guy’s worst nightmare: girls may like their clothes more than you.

Some findings included…

-The average woman surveyed would forgo sex for 15 months in order to receive a brand new wardrobe of clothes. (Ouch!)

-About half of the women said that an article of clothing was better at making them feel sexy than their guy. (I can understand this one. I instantly feel better when I am wearing a flattering outfit.)

-Apparently, a full 70 percent of the participants thought that love at first sight with clothing was real. Only about half thought the same for falling in love with a man. (I get this one too; clothes do not really have anything to hide. No pair of shoes has a crazy mother waiting in the wings!)

I suppose the guys of the world had better step it up… before clothes take over. Haha!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roses are Red...

It is officially one week until Valentine’s Day. Depending on your situation the holiday can trigger any emotion from glee to misery. If you are really fortunate, you do not care a lick about it and just write it off as another Hallmark holiday. (Like you need a special day to say I love you?) If you subscribe to the holiday, the typical thing to do is to go have a lovely, romantic dinner. And if you are unattached, it is always amusing go out with friends and tell tales of the single life. (“He did what?!”) In either case, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse, if you need one, to go shopping.

To me, wearing red for V-Day is about as unique as wearing green for St. Patty’s Day. Why discriminate against all the other colors possibilities out there!

So instead of sticking with red, how about orange? The sweetheart neckline is perfect for Valentine’ Day. To be honest, most guys will think it is red anyway. They always pay so much attention to these details. And since it is only 58 dollars, you will have some extra cash to buy all the post-holiday chocolate you want. Can anyone resist candy on sale?
If you are on a budget, you can always looking into this violet dress as an option. It’s only 40 dollars, you cannot beat that price. Bring a cardi so you don’t freeze though!

This blue dress is definitely a tad warmer. I love jersey because it feels like you are wearing your favorite pajamas. Mmm, that makes me want to take a nap…

There are lots of us who just cannot resist a cute pair of shoes. Sound familiar? These printed green shoes (for 80 bucks) may be just the item for your Valentine’s Day plans. You may need to plan on valeting (or having someone nice drop you off at the door) so your new pumps are not fouled by the slush.

If your main goal is to stay toasty, I would go with this happy yellow cardigan. All my favorite sweaters are cashmere, why suffer through scratchy wool, right? You can wear this sweet little tied number through the rest of spring. Or even in the summer if you end up in one of those horribly over-air-conditioned places.

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans. These indigo beauties are all you really need to keep your V-Day date’s full attention. Guaranteed! (FYI: These Citizens are on sale.)

And if you just cannot go out without wearing black, look into this lovely noir DVF number. Yes, it is not cheap (about 365 dollars). But given the number of times you wear a LBD (uhhh, all the time), it seems a little more reasonable.

So in advance, Happy Hearts Day!