Friday, February 09, 2007

Socially Responsible

It must be nice to be a socialite. Sit around sipping Manhattans? Try your hand at working? The choice is really up to you. I am glad that Tory Burch has picked the latter option. Even if you do not like every outfit she creates, you can at least see someone wearing it. (As opposed to some designers that produce for some unknown character.)

Case in point, this smart number.

I could see any college girl wearing this to class. How many of us already wear ballet flats, jeans, and fun blouses already? Welcome to my standard uniform.

And who doesn’t like a little glitter?

Here Tory has another sweetly bowed dress and gold cardi. I like that she kept it classy by only showing off the legs. No one wants to look like a decked out Vegas showgirl. Okay, at least I have no desire to!

If you have to work, there are some ideas as well.

I love the scarlet pencil skirt! The gold details on the toes and heels of the shoes are a nice touch too. The whole outfit is still conservative enough for most offices. Unless you work in a ridiculous land where you can only wear black or navy suits, boo.

Speaking of working, I suppose I should focus on getting a job so I can splurge on these clothes! Until then, hopefully Tory Burch will not turn into a lady who merely lunches.