Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roses are Red...

It is officially one week until Valentine’s Day. Depending on your situation the holiday can trigger any emotion from glee to misery. If you are really fortunate, you do not care a lick about it and just write it off as another Hallmark holiday. (Like you need a special day to say I love you?) If you subscribe to the holiday, the typical thing to do is to go have a lovely, romantic dinner. And if you are unattached, it is always amusing go out with friends and tell tales of the single life. (“He did what?!”) In either case, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse, if you need one, to go shopping.

To me, wearing red for V-Day is about as unique as wearing green for St. Patty’s Day. Why discriminate against all the other colors possibilities out there!

So instead of sticking with red, how about orange? The sweetheart neckline is perfect for Valentine’ Day. To be honest, most guys will think it is red anyway. They always pay so much attention to these details. And since it is only 58 dollars, you will have some extra cash to buy all the post-holiday chocolate you want. Can anyone resist candy on sale?
If you are on a budget, you can always looking into this violet dress as an option. It’s only 40 dollars, you cannot beat that price. Bring a cardi so you don’t freeze though!

This blue dress is definitely a tad warmer. I love jersey because it feels like you are wearing your favorite pajamas. Mmm, that makes me want to take a nap…

There are lots of us who just cannot resist a cute pair of shoes. Sound familiar? These printed green shoes (for 80 bucks) may be just the item for your Valentine’s Day plans. You may need to plan on valeting (or having someone nice drop you off at the door) so your new pumps are not fouled by the slush.

If your main goal is to stay toasty, I would go with this happy yellow cardigan. All my favorite sweaters are cashmere, why suffer through scratchy wool, right? You can wear this sweet little tied number through the rest of spring. Or even in the summer if you end up in one of those horribly over-air-conditioned places.

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans. These indigo beauties are all you really need to keep your V-Day date’s full attention. Guaranteed! (FYI: These Citizens are on sale.)

And if you just cannot go out without wearing black, look into this lovely noir DVF number. Yes, it is not cheap (about 365 dollars). But given the number of times you wear a LBD (uhhh, all the time), it seems a little more reasonable.

So in advance, Happy Hearts Day!