Saturday, February 03, 2007

Make Me Up

I wonder if I can hire these people to come to my house every morning.

I will pay in pancakes... deal?


Anonymous said... completely missed the point of that commercial.

Blonde Belle said...

Unrealistic standards, got it... but the process is amazing.

Anonymous said...

so then what you're saying is you see what they're trying to say you just can't believe in it?
maybe you were lucky enough to be a genetic miracle and already meet those standards? i'll bet there'd be more pictures up of you if that was the case though...

Anonymous said...

Oh, to have a touch-up crew and perfect lighting and airbrushing on hand 24/7.

I realize Dove's just using this as another marketing ploy, but it's a ploy I approve of. I also like their "real women" commercials, even if those real women are still just slightly-less-perfect actresses and not *actual* real women. Can't expect them to change though...real life ain't fair and the world don't like ugly.

PennGirl said...

hey, I heartily concur with our chic blogger. it would be awesome to have these people around because sometimes you just don't want to look like your ordinary self. and to those who think that it's horrible to want to hire these people (for pancakes no less), you need a sense of humor. or a good boning.

Blonde Belle said...

Haha, way too funny Penn Girl.

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