Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

About a week ago, one of my professors requested that we “dress up a bit” for today’s class since the University would be photographing us. First of all, it is not exciting to be a part of promotional material. It is embarrassing! My parents are the only ones who seem to enjoy pictures featuring my fake, forced smile and me. Or even worse, the photographer will try to capture the “academic” look where you are thinking oh-so-profound thoughts. Too bad you are most likely thinking: why won’t this guy just take the picture and leave me alone?

As I dragged myself up for my early class I had to consider the meaning of the “dress up a bit” mandate. I was not sure if this was a warning directed just at the people who constantly wore t-shirts and hoodies. Or on the other extreme, were we all supposed to show up in snappy skirts and trousers, appearing to be responsible young adults?

I briefly considered just wearing my usual cozy Theory sweater and jeans. After all, I do have seven straight hours of class. Literally, seven hours and twenty minutes. (Insert me desperately running into Trillium for food so I do not abruptly starve and die on Tower Road.) Anyway, then I did a 180 and decided to class it up. I threw on my favorite Lilly Pulitzer skirt (and assorted matching items) and was out the door.

Later in the day I finally arrived at my class. It was a classic vague dress code situation. The room was an odd mix of guys wearing slackers and blazers, people in suits, and those in their normal jeans and sneakers. Seriously, people need to clarify on these attire instructions. I doubt the University is striving to promote the value of “diversity” in clothing styles. Those pictures will only serve to confused people thinking about coming here. I can see a misguided kid pointing to the picture and excitedly saying to his parents: “Look! They will accept my love of daily tux wearing at this school.” Here comes trouble…