Friday, February 02, 2007

Talk is Cheap

I admit I have a weakness for nice things. I really dislike buying clothes that do not fit well, fall apart within a month, or are made of horrible feeling fabric. Sometimes it is just plain easier to find clothes that are more expensive. (The difference between walking into TJ Maxx versus Barney’s.) One of my good friends is the master of finding designer things for 10 dollars, but I think her skill comes more from having a good eye and an afternoon to blow than anything else. Still, this is a skill I need to learn… I am sure my “income” from unpaid internships (what, you pay me in experience?) is not going to bring me above the poverty level.

So I decided to challenge myself to find ten items that cost less than one hundred dollars. I also added the caveat that I had to actually like the items and not just be filling space. The whole thing made me feel like a contestant on a game show. Sort of like that show where they run around a grocery store trying to find a can of tomato paste. So here they are, ranked from most to least expensive…

Number Ten:

This printed dress comes in right under the wire at 98 dollars. There is a version in black as well, but I find this one so much more interesting. I would pair it with black tights and boots until the weather is better. Date night anyone?

Number Nine:

This Tocca skirt is more of a "wishing for spring" find. (It is on sale for about 69 dollars at Bluefly.) I guess looking at this may brighten your days until the crocuses pop up.

Number Eight:
Because everyone needs fun accessories, here is a pretty gold and stone bracelet on sale for 50 dollars. Just think, if you get attacked by someone you could use this instead of brass knuckles. Watch out muggers.

Number Seven:

For 50 dollars this black asymmetric jacket can be a new addition to your wardrobe. It is a great cover-up for the bar on these cold nights. I always feel bad when I see girls dashing around wearing a tiny mini skirt or tank top. Alcohol does not protect against frostbite!

Number Six:

Next up, some grey trousers for only 47 dollars. According to one of my professors, people who shop at Nordstrom do not care about prices. I think this is a tad misguided. There are some great deals if you look. That store rocks my world, if only there was one closer.

Number Five:

Good old American Apparel is a great place to find inexpensive basics like this 32-dollar scoop neck tee. At that price you can feel free to stock up on as many of the colors as you please. Add a wide belt or interesting necklace if a plain tee does not do it for you.

Number Four:

I was super excited about this lime Rebecca Beason top for 25 dollars. Heck, dinner costs more than that at a lot of restaurants! Although the flutter sleeves may not be the best choice for people with broader shoulders.

Number Three:

This lacy Forever 21 blouse will set you back a mere 23 dollars. Add a bright cami and you are set to roll. Just make sure to check the seams and fabric, the quality can be sketchy at Forever 21.

Number Two:
This adorable printed headband that will only set you back 15 dollars. It will come in handy when you wake up late for class and have to deal with slightly dirty locks. Believe me, it is a vast improvement over a boring ponytail. And did I mention it is fuchsia? No one says no to fuchsia.

Number One:

This why Target is wonderful, you can get this Benhaz embellished tee for 8 dollars! Living in Ithaca would be difficult without Target. Browsing the rest of the stores like Bon-Ton or American Eagle can be awfully depressing. At least I can still try on cute shirts like this here. (Added bonus: no need for a necklace.)

Whew, it is nice to know I can bargain shop too. I will just have to start collecting my savings for a ski trip in the Alps...


townie said...

I love love love #10.

Rachel said...

Those are some good finds, but my favorite place for bargain shopping is always going to be the Saks outlet store. The markdowns are amazing, and they have gorgeous stuff.

PennGirl said...

you can find some great stuff on the sale racks at Anthropologie. they always have fantastic prices in their "bargain basement," literally packed with sale racks. i've been known to spend entire afternoons there (hello, what better way to relax after midterms?) and come out with beautiful knits, skirts, shoes, and even jewelry at 50% off. sure, some things are "so last season" but there are plenty of classic pieces and wardrobe staples also. next time you're in Philly, i volunteer to be your personal shopper at the flagship store!

Blonde Belle said...

Wow, my own tour guide... nice!

I love Anthropologie. The flagship store sounds amazing. :)

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