Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Glitz

I have made my feelings about award shows clear in other posts. The Grammy Awards fall into the same category for me. Let’s put it this way, I find my readings for class more interesting. I just do not understand why some people love this mind numbing programming. In terms of fashion, music people are usually the worst. It seems they have to prove their incredible creative talent by donning a bizarre outfit. Yeah, that is they way to get me to download your single.

Ok Go is a band that I like… to listen to, not too see. Apparently, they do not like to see themselves either and decided to cover their faces with red pantyhose material. Right.
Then there are the PCD. They seem to be in a competition to see who can dress the most like stripper going to an award show. Congrats girls, you are all winners. I wonder if the lead singer made all the other members wear short dresses. How bossy!
The Duffster went tragic, adopting the heroin chic/slip dress look of the 1990s.
Again with the random odd attire, Imogen Heap showed off a big poof of frizz, white boots, and oddly shaped dress. She even thought ahead and brought a parasol to ward off, um, indoor showers?
I usually like Mandy Moore. She is normally adorable but this combo threw me. Mismatching polka dot belt and floral dress? Hm, pass.
The biggest surprise in my book was that Fergie arrived actually looking nice. A new stylist in the picture? I thought her silver dress was perfect for the red carpet. Way to sparkle!
All and all, not a very inspiring show. I will just have to wait for the Oscars…


Penn Girl said...

finally, someone else who thinks award shows are useless! I have grown tired of "Oscar parties" and "are you watching the Grammys tonight?" because my answer is always "no, it's a waste of my time and I'd rather be doing something exciting, like flossing." Of course, I do check out the fashion hits and misses the next day (people like Imogen Heap and Bjork make for a good giggle), but I haven't actually sat through an entire awards show since I was too young to know better. Preach on, sister!

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