Saturday, December 02, 2006

The AMA's by Request!

So I didn't actually watch the AMA's that were on a week or two ago. Award shows leave me bored and with a bad taste in my mouth. Like I need to see a bunch of self-congratulatory celebs with an excuse to speak. Remember, celebrities are like children, meant to be seen and not heard. (I am thinking of those celebs that go out specifically to promote their new [shitty] clothing line or some random political cause [save the purple-tailed swallow!].) So I did my research the painless way, online.

On to the train wreck...

John Mayer, I remember when I used to love you. Now you look like a homeless man.

Refusing to get a haircut does not make you deep or soulful!

At first I was like, who is this random blonde girl? Then I realized that it was Ashley Simpson...

...thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery! This makes me want to reconsider a nose job for myself!

And then of course, there was Gwen Stefani. Not that I would really know, but this is how I envision girls in porn dressing.

This dress used to be in my closet too. I wore it for First Communion though.

Nice ruffles.

Oh, please make it stop. I do not know where to start on Carrie Underwood's, uh, outfit. It wouldn't have been THAT bad if she could have a least picked either shorts or a dress. Remember the skort? (Skirt in the front, shorts in the back.) Same mistake here.

There must be something in the Nashville water that inspires ugly attire like this.

The black dresses are just a tad blah for a swank (or pointless?) award show.

But compared to the other country people, the Dixie Chicks at least looked nice. They must live in Texas not Tennessee!

Finally, I am not usually a big Nicole Richie fan. But I really like her new, more natural hair color. The gold dress is actually beautiful too. My only suggestion is that she should have not gone with a strapless dress.

Too bad her skeleton-like figure cannot hold that thing up! Have yourself a yummy Christmas cookie, the bonus is that you will get your boobs back! Yea!

Who won awards? Who really cares? On to the next red carpet!


carolina girl said...

woohoo! hehe, i'm back from Mexico -- and this is the first good thing that's happened thus far :o)

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