Friday, December 08, 2006

Christie's: QVC for the Rich

I know a lot of people really love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but just how far are they willing to go?

Apparently to more than $800 grand… the price for the famous black dress featured in the movie. (Adding on Christie’s fees, the price then rose to more than $920K. Ouch, the fancy version of shipping fees.)

Although no one seems to know who bought the dress, I have a mental picture. It was probably some sad, lonely trophy wife of a freshly rich businessman. Oh, there is no way she will fit into a dress that the Christie’s model barely squeezes into. I suppose it will be a nice conversation piece at her next lame wine and cheese party. You know, the kind of event that makes people whisper that she should have spent that money to hire an event coordinator not a stupid movie prop. Then the conversation will turn to how fabulous the Costume Institute Gala was and in no time flat the guests will be sneaking out the door.

Anyway, the new owner is not even getting the only Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress out there. There are two others: one at Givenchy and another at the Museum of Costume in Madrid (where everyone can see it!).

Not a good buy, that dress is over-priced and not even original. Well, at least the proceeds went to charity…

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