Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's a Wiki-ful Life

Without any introduction, here is the punch line: Blue is a real band! If that doesn't ring any bells, think of the movie Love Actually.

One of the plot lines revolves around an old has-been rocker whose Christmas song eventually beats out a boy band for the top song. I had always thought that Blue had been made up for the movie but then again "98 Degrees" and "N*Sync" exist too. (But I would not consider them to be "real" bands in any sense of the word.)

(A picture of Blue rocking out. Their interests are obviously pumping iron and lip-synching.)

Anyway, how did I arrive at this oh-so-exciting finding? Wikipedia. It all started with some harmless Britain's Next Top Model watching. It is so much better than the domestic version for two reasons. First, cute accents and sayings. I love that they call hugs "cuddles." Second, no Tyra Banks. That woman drives me crazy. She acts like she is that Dai Lama or something. And she looks like a drag queen. After watching the show, I decided to look it up online. (Cut me some slack, I am home in suburbia.)

So on the UK version I really liked one of the contestants named Abigail Clancy. What can I say I am required to root for the bubbly blonde girl. (All blondes take the same oath at a young age.) She ended up coming in second but according to Wiki, she has moved on... become a WAG*. *WAG = Wives and Girlfriends. The Brits seriously have a term for the women of the soccer/football players. I think my friends need to start using a similar system. We can refer to our guys as FABs, for fiancé and boyfriends. Sorry married friends, you do not fit into our cool world of acronyms.

How does this all link together? Simple really! Follow the chain... I like BNTM (Britain's Next Top Model) -> Specifically Abigail. -> Who used to be in a girl group called Genie Queen (no joke) -> And her group toured with non other than Blue.

It's even better than six-degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Or I just need to get a life.

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