Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Open Letter

Dear J. Crew,

How are you today? Getting lots of holiday merchandise sold? Well, the reason I am writing you is that I think we need to spend some time apart.

I know we have had some good times together. I just love that black suit of yours, I feel almost like a real adult when I have it on. And that beautiful dress received so many compliments at my friend’s wedding.

But this is about the here and now. It is great that you want to keep me updated on sales and free shipping offers but really you need to stop contacting me multiple times a day. Do I really need three emails telling me that I have been invited to the private sale? You need to learn to play a little harder to get. You are making yourself look desperate and pathetic.

In conclusion, J. Crew I will shop when I am ready! Until that day comes, stop stalking me via email.

I will always cherish those cashmere sweaters we shared.

Preppy love,
Your Favorite Shopper


Anonymous said...

hmm banana republic has been treating me the same way. it's so hard to get steady with a store nowdays without them going stalker on you huh?

Blonde Belle said...

I guess it could be worse... my Mom got three identical Chico's catologs in the mail today. Annoying AND killing trees! (Plus she hates that store, she thinks it's for "old ladies.")

These store need to realize us girls are looking for an open relationship, not marriage! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a guy who stumbled on to your blog and have enjoyed reading. I guess it makes sense you assumed I was a girl though. For the record I'm straight too since I can guess what the next assumption might be. Keep up the good work though

Blonde Belle said...

Sorry for assuming! I will be better in the future! :)