Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks for the Memories

Today is a sad day; it appears my digital camera has gone on to that camera-heaven in the sky. On first blush it is easy to say “get over it!” but this is a major loss.

The problem is that my camera basically functions as my memory these days. (I guess the 20s bring on memory loss.) Like if I was pondering about who was with me at that random party with the unicyclist, I would have to refer to the pictures that were taken that night. It’s actually somewhat pathetic on my part. I should be taking the time to enjoying the world around me instead of documenting it like some underpaid photojournalist.

So instead of freaking out that I won’t recall all these good times I’ve decided to embrace the moment. Yes, I have moved past just trying for that next, great Facebook picture. It is time to live my life without the blinders of the camera screen.

But if I get desperate I still have my camera phone!

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