Friday, December 08, 2006

No Need for a Crystal Ball

Just in case there was any doubt Britney is heading toward a really bad "E! True Hollywood Story," the signs are crystal clean now: Britney Spears is the next Michael Jackson.

Exhibit A: Britney wearing a t-shirt of her destiny.

Exhibit B: Similarities
-Both famous at a young age.
-Quasi-famous siblings. (Little Spears, the rest of the Jackson family.)
-Poor choices of partners. (Brit- weird guy from HS and idiot from the local trailer park; Michael- kids.)
-Strange wardrobe. (All of Britney's current attire, ditto for Michael.)

It's only a matter of time before little Ms. Spears...

...becomes a plastic surgery addict too!

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Homeless Blogger said...

I think its a law. E! can only produce one behind the music on a person per decade. Which is to bad. There is so much more juicy crap that has happened since the original one aired. Poor britney.

ps. I just checked and it appears there is a 2005 E! True Hollywood Story on Britney and Kevin. Its not a behind the music but still a well produced diary of a train wreck.