Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Bad Trip

Remember those old school PSAs where an egg was crack then fried while the ominous voice-over explained that this was your brain on drugs? Well, I am not sure if they were effective at preventing kids from taking drugs. This is what they should have shown:

Yes kids, if you take drugs you will think it is the 1960s! This means you will proudly flash the peace sign to onlookers. Yeah man, peace and love.

Drugs may even cause you to wear a weird necklace/chain thing on your head. Groovy, huh?

Then in her dazed state, Lindsey decided to throw on the random flowy white dress, Indian-style earrings, and sack, uh, purse for good measure.

This is why drugs are bad: You shouldn't fear your brain turning into a breakfast food, you should be scared of looking like a washed up hippie. Consider yourself warned.

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