Saturday, December 30, 2006

Walk the Fashion Plank

During a recent fashion expedition I happen upon these skull and cross-bone shoes. I even saw a few hapless souls looking at them and trying them on! As if I were on Seinfeld I was forced to ask, what is the deal with pirate stuff?

Okay, I get that Pirates of the Caribbean sequel was a popular movie this year. Then I saw way too many people posing as pirates for Halloween. (Probably so pathetic guys could ask about "hidden booty" and not look like total freaks.) But honestly, I did not think the trend had life outside of the theme party circuit.

Prompted by the unfortunate pirate shoes, I set out to discover if there were any other such items. My first find was this Vince shirt/belt combo. Too bad Neimans does not offer a matching parrot. At least your outfit would be amusing!

Then there was the skull and cross-bone necklace. It reminds me of something a rapping pirate would wear. ("Let me hear you say 'Arr!' one time.") I am just thankful my boyfriend stuck with Tiffany's instead of this bling.

I was positive that Urban Outfitters would carry this questionable style. That store is a landmine of bad fashion choices. There should be a warning sign, saying that the store is not liable if you look heinous. Anyway, true to form Urban Outfitters is carrying a ton a pirate-themed items including socks, wrapping paper, hats, "art" pieces, ashtrays, and even shower curtains. Of course, they also had a t-shirt to proclaim your love of this random trend. Do not let this shirt mislead you, pirates are not cool. Even if they sail the seven seas and often have peg legs.

So in the lingo of the fad, stay on dry land kids. The people sporting these horrible items should be forced to walk the plank... or at least be kicked out of your next party. Hopefully the sharks have better taste than to eat them!

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