Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fashion Insider?

I suddenly feel validated about not giving in to the heinous look of leggings. (Double ick!) According to the Wa Po all the "fashion insiders" shun them too...

(Not a "Do"!)

A part of the article... "After a brief summer dalliance, most fashion insiders, whose livelihood depends on their ability to express personal style, elan or inventiveness, steered clear of leggings."

And my livelihood doesn't even depend on my style, unfortunately. More proof I belong in the City, not in the tundra of upstate.

The best quote of the article:
"Trendiness can be measured by what one chooses to wear. Style is determined by what one chooses to ignore."

Well, I am going to take my stylish self and get back to the fun of B-School classes.

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