Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before the Ball Drops

It almost time to kiss 2006 goodbye and say hello to a new, even more fantastic year! With the big 0-7 rapidly approaching I have been debating about my New Year's resolutions. Like many people I usually end up having a few glasses of champagne and then deciding that losing 30 pounds would be a stellar idea for the upcoming year. This is always bound to fail because A) I would have the BMI of an underfed model and B) I just like candy too much. So I am trying something radical; I am going to decide on resolution before I am, uhh, tipsy.

Here are a few I have been playing with...
1. Stay in touch with faraway friends! Being in the freezing cold of New York is bad enough, but being there without your friends is even worse. I think this resolution would include finding a job in a city with lots of cheap flights so it is easier to visit my friends across the continent. Come on job in DC or the City!

2. Do not give in to the last semester slump! Some of my friends (who shall remain nameless) have decided to completely give up on looking cute this semester. Apparently this would involve wearing sweatshirts and no makeup every day as opposed to their normal stylish apparel. I am going to try to stay strong. Ithaca will not break me!

3. Make a list of my post-graduation goals! Not the most exciting task, but I think it will help to anchor me when I get into the hazy "real world." I do not want to become one of those zombies commuting to work on the subway/train/bus who blankly stare at the floor. That is so freaky.

Yeah, they are not the most creative resolutions on the block. I am open to suggestions on this one...

Au Revoir 2006!

In case you missed it, here is 2006 though my eyes...

~I dominated the Iberian Peninsula in January. The shopping in Portugal was better than expected and surprisingly they make a mean cappuccino as well. The residents in Lisboa (Lisbon) were entranced by my embellished ballet flats. They literally stared. I am still trying to figure that one out.

~I turned another year older. The night started off classy with a nice dinner and martini. Sadly, it turned into me taking multiple shots at a bar in the Commons. This is why you do not go out with all guys!

~I spent Spring Break in the City! No bikini required!

~I rediscovered that everything is, in fact, bigger and better in the Lone Star State. Hi y'all!

~This summer I spent my days memorizing the lyrics to the Tea Partay video.

Thanks to this video my boyfriend can now cruise around the shadier parts of DC in his Volvo like one of the Prep-Unit homies. I also tested out my new title of debutant and found it to fit quite well. During a beautiful gala I had my first encounter with the political pick-up line. A guy asked me to "be his First Lady." Oh yes, very seriously.

~Suddenly school was back in full swing. In October, my little blog was born. Some of my personal favs have been: How much cooler I am than Kristin Cavallari. The oddities, crazies, and gorillas that inhabit my campus… plus the tragically high pumpkin suicide rate. The horror (whore-or?) that is Britney Spears. And of course, a reason to dress up for class!

Here is to many more memories in 2007!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Walk the Fashion Plank

During a recent fashion expedition I happen upon these skull and cross-bone shoes. I even saw a few hapless souls looking at them and trying them on! As if I were on Seinfeld I was forced to ask, what is the deal with pirate stuff?

Okay, I get that Pirates of the Caribbean sequel was a popular movie this year. Then I saw way too many people posing as pirates for Halloween. (Probably so pathetic guys could ask about "hidden booty" and not look like total freaks.) But honestly, I did not think the trend had life outside of the theme party circuit.

Prompted by the unfortunate pirate shoes, I set out to discover if there were any other such items. My first find was this Vince shirt/belt combo. Too bad Neimans does not offer a matching parrot. At least your outfit would be amusing!

Then there was the skull and cross-bone necklace. It reminds me of something a rapping pirate would wear. ("Let me hear you say 'Arr!' one time.") I am just thankful my boyfriend stuck with Tiffany's instead of this bling.

I was positive that Urban Outfitters would carry this questionable style. That store is a landmine of bad fashion choices. There should be a warning sign, saying that the store is not liable if you look heinous. Anyway, true to form Urban Outfitters is carrying a ton a pirate-themed items including socks, wrapping paper, hats, "art" pieces, ashtrays, and even shower curtains. Of course, they also had a t-shirt to proclaim your love of this random trend. Do not let this shirt mislead you, pirates are not cool. Even if they sail the seven seas and often have peg legs.

So in the lingo of the fad, stay on dry land kids. The people sporting these horrible items should be forced to walk the plank... or at least be kicked out of your next party. Hopefully the sharks have better taste than to eat them!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maligning Macy's

I hate Macy's. I know a lot of people have special feelings for their Thanksgiving Day parade or the movie Miracle on 34th Street, but this is about the actual shopping experience there. And shopping at Macy's sucks.

Today I had the joy of walking though Macy's to get to the decent stores. I swear it is like the Iraq of department stores. There were clothes scattered everywhere. Like I want to buy something that has been on the grungy Macy's floors. Who knows the last time someone actually vacuumed them!

It seemed like there were random piles of clothes everywhere I turned. This is the sort of thing I expect from a store like Hollister, where they are paid to look attractive and not do anything. (Trust me, they hire ugly people to work nights and fix up the store.)

The shoe department was just in the same horrible condition. Even the non-sale items were upturned like a two-year old was in charge of arrange the displays.

And I do not even want to know where the employees come from. This woman was running the Dior counter when I was walking though. Dior! Macy's, have some respect for the few nice brands you have!

I mean, they could not manage to straighten their Kate Spade display. Where is the floor manager? Do they even have a floor manager? Or employees that have ever worked retail before?

Honestly, I am not sure what 20-something would dare to shop there. Their section of cute jeans was downright pathetic. I have more brands in my closet than they had in the whole jean department. And while BCBG is fine and dandy, it seems like the only upper-end brand they stock. (I know, calling BCBG upper-end is pushing it!)

Macy's you need a major overhaul. As an avid WSJ reader, I know your sales have been less than stellar this quarter. I just hope Federated does not ruin Bloomingdales too.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Unsmooth Fashion Criminal

Every time I leave my house I see people dressed like crap. The type of outfits that are made even worse by the fact that these people think they look good! Half the nation must be legally blind. I usually attribute this affliction to the individual lacking any innate style sense and/or not having a stylist/fashionable friend to help them. However, there is no excuse for Lindsay Lohan. Her Mom always looks cute so I assume the style gene could have been passed on. And the girl has enough money to pay for a PA to help her with her obvious fashion issues.

Instead Lindsay goes around looking like she escaped from some minimum-security prison. That is the only explanation for the black and white stripped messy dress she threw on. Although calling it a dress is pretty generous. Not that the accessories are any better, the sunglasses from the 80s and Ugg boots were hopefully dumpster or Salvation Army finds. It is like the ghosts of fads past.

Maybe Miss Lohan should make a New Year's resolution to actually figure out the year. (Hint: It comes after 2006.) Then maybe she can let these horrible fashions die and slip into something uh, actually flattering. I guarantee this Juicy shirtdress will be just as comfortable as your heinous wardrobe.

Friday, December 22, 2006

A Fresh Start!

Not that anyone needs a reminding, but 2007 is almost upon us! I know it feels like New Year's Eve is the most overrated holiday of the year. It is expensive and you will most likely have a horrible hangover the next day. But putting aside the negatives, it is still an excuse to test a new cute outfit. (Hey, it may help with finding someone to kiss at midnight!) So unless you will be hanging out on the couch, I recommend choosing the most important aspect of your NYE plans: an outfit! Then the parties and festivities will fall in your lap!

For the fancy lady...

This Paul & Joe dress is the perfect compliment to your other favorite accessory: a guy in a tux. Another plus: pockets for mints and chapstick!

For the holiday eater...

Some people (like me) have been known to like Christmas cookies and party finger foods a bit too much. That is where this DVF dress come into play. It hides your newly acquired tummy while still showing off some skin. Yea for not sucking it in all night!

For the LBD lover...

I am scraping together the money for this Development dress as I write! If you do not have a NYE date, they will be lining up when they see you in this. Toast to that!

For the comfortable style...

Wearing this Rebecca Taylor number is even better than laying around on your favorite sofa. Come on, you cannot say no to cashmere. Toss those gross sweatpants aside, it is time to bring sexy back like JT!

And guys, at least throw on a nice button-down shirt and blazer. No one wants to see you in a ratty t-shirt and decade old jeans. Of course, suits and tuxes are mandatory for fancier events. Think of the clothes as your wingman or a base coach (Get it, they help you score!) or some other guy-type analogy.

Now let's party!

Bubbling Over

I have discovered a huge benefit to being back in the 'burbs: Costco. I am not referring to the giant jams of pickles or enormous packages of cheese slices... no, this is a love affair with the finer things. And the fact that these nice things come in large quantities. Our Costco is fairly upscale and has a myriad of goodies like jewelry, watches, cameras, lobster, and of course wine. This selection is well and good, but the holiday season has brought massive amounts of my favorite luxury good: champagne!

Any of my friends (or the Sonoma staff) can attest to my love of the bubbly stuff. Why drink boring wine when you can have something sparkly and delicious!

Needless to say, I was excited to stumble upon crates and crates of champagne at Costco.

But I did notice an interesting trend: lots of champagne owned by LVMH. For the sad individuals requiring a translation: LVMH is shorthand for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey. The own everything, like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, Dior, Fendi, Sephora, BeneFit, TAG Heuer, Christian Lacroix, and Thomas Pink. Basically, if I could pick a dream job it would be the CEO of the LVMH group.

So the fact that Costco is carrying Moet et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot makes me think that perhaps an expansion in the other LVMH brands is underway.

Santa, my wish this year is for Marc Jacobs to be in our little Costco. Just for me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's a Wiki-ful Life

Without any introduction, here is the punch line: Blue is a real band! If that doesn't ring any bells, think of the movie Love Actually.

One of the plot lines revolves around an old has-been rocker whose Christmas song eventually beats out a boy band for the top song. I had always thought that Blue had been made up for the movie but then again "98 Degrees" and "N*Sync" exist too. (But I would not consider them to be "real" bands in any sense of the word.)

(A picture of Blue rocking out. Their interests are obviously pumping iron and lip-synching.)

Anyway, how did I arrive at this oh-so-exciting finding? Wikipedia. It all started with some harmless Britain's Next Top Model watching. It is so much better than the domestic version for two reasons. First, cute accents and sayings. I love that they call hugs "cuddles." Second, no Tyra Banks. That woman drives me crazy. She acts like she is that Dai Lama or something. And she looks like a drag queen. After watching the show, I decided to look it up online. (Cut me some slack, I am home in suburbia.)

So on the UK version I really liked one of the contestants named Abigail Clancy. What can I say I am required to root for the bubbly blonde girl. (All blondes take the same oath at a young age.) She ended up coming in second but according to Wiki, she has moved on... become a WAG*. *WAG = Wives and Girlfriends. The Brits seriously have a term for the women of the soccer/football players. I think my friends need to start using a similar system. We can refer to our guys as FABs, for fiancé and boyfriends. Sorry married friends, you do not fit into our cool world of acronyms.

How does this all link together? Simple really! Follow the chain... I like BNTM (Britain's Next Top Model) -> Specifically Abigail. -> Who used to be in a girl group called Genie Queen (no joke) -> And her group toured with non other than Blue.

It's even better than six-degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Or I just need to get a life.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And the Winner Is Not...

I remember going through rush when I was just a little freshman. Sure all the girls seemed nice but that was not the point! There were two main types of sororities to avoid at all costs: 1) Ones filled with ugly girls (shallow but true), and of course, 2) those filled with skanks.

The pageant world is the same way but with the not-so-hot girls weeded out. The Miss America pageant is that nice sorority that all the guys want to date. Look at this year's winner, she's a ballerina who wants to become a teacher. You cannot get more adorable than that.

Then there is the slutty sorority of this metaphor: Miss USA. These are the party girls that guys just love... at least for the night. A likely sighting would be of one snorting a line to stay skinny and then making out with a fellow Miss USA contestant to get the boys to pay attention. And that is how we come to this year's winner Tara Connor.

This is when the gut instinct comes in, just on looks alone there is at least a 75% possibility this girl is scandalous. It turns out she's up to her eyes in booze, boys, and coke... who would have guessed!

This is what happens when Donald Trump is running the show. Ick.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks for the Memories

Today is a sad day; it appears my digital camera has gone on to that camera-heaven in the sky. On first blush it is easy to say “get over it!” but this is a major loss.

The problem is that my camera basically functions as my memory these days. (I guess the 20s bring on memory loss.) Like if I was pondering about who was with me at that random party with the unicyclist, I would have to refer to the pictures that were taken that night. It’s actually somewhat pathetic on my part. I should be taking the time to enjoying the world around me instead of documenting it like some underpaid photojournalist.

So instead of freaking out that I won’t recall all these good times I’ve decided to embrace the moment. Yes, I have moved past just trying for that next, great Facebook picture. It is time to live my life without the blinders of the camera screen.

But if I get desperate I still have my camera phone!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

King of the Hill

I often hear the Cornell campus referred to as "the Hill"... in the school paper at least. The nickname surprises me because I had always associated Capitol Hill with the nickname. In honor of my trek back to the District, it is time to see who really deserves this much-coveted nickname. Let's get ready to rumble!

The Hill vs. The Hill

Round One - Actual Hilliness
Cornell: During our orientation the health workers told us the most common type of injuries was orthopedic. This is because the hills will break your bones! (And then laugh at you when you try to get around with crutches.)
Capitol: Although my boyfriend is convinced there is an incline from his house to the Capitol building, I am not sure it should be consider a "hill." If I can walk around in heels and not want to kill the person that invented them, then it is flat. (Although the Metro does pose a challenge to my heel wearing... mostly because tourists will step on them while trying to figure out where "La Fontee Plaza" is. Nice French.)
Winner: Cornell, hands down.

Round Two - Level of Pretentiousness
Cornell: Well there are a fair number of former prep schoolers who love to tool around in their nice Land Rovers while attempting to set a new record for alcohol consumption... but they are vastly outnumbered by the uber nerds. Actually, I am not sure which one is worse. At least the jerks are amusing when they pass out on College Ave.
Capitol: Yes, there are many nice people who work on the Hill. (Hi guys!) But I do know a few who are huge douchebags. These are the ones who send you pictures of them with Senator So-and-So in an attempt to make themselves look important.
Winner: I will give this one to the Capitol, at least while the current frat, uh Administration, is still here.

Round Three - Battle of Wit
Cornell: If this was a question of book knowledge CU would easily take this Round. The problem is Cornell kids often lack in the all important common knowledge area. A good stumper would be to ask who has the right of way at a flashing red light... so confusing.
Capitol: Well this bunch certainly knows their current events and whatever material they teach poli sci majors (Like the Constitution? Who knows.). I have a feeling they would do fairly well in common sense stuff too. If you have ever seen these people seek out free food, you will know how resourceful they can be!
Winner: The Capitol, they would so cheat to win.

Congrats to Capitol Hill, you have won your nickname fair and square. Now you will not have to rename that paper 'The Hill' or anything annoying. As for Cornell, it is time to jazz up that old nickname. How about "The Hill of Stress" or just "Hell"? If only Dante had known about our little corner of New York...

An Open Letter

Dear J. Crew,

How are you today? Getting lots of holiday merchandise sold? Well, the reason I am writing you is that I think we need to spend some time apart.

I know we have had some good times together. I just love that black suit of yours, I feel almost like a real adult when I have it on. And that beautiful dress received so many compliments at my friend’s wedding.

But this is about the here and now. It is great that you want to keep me updated on sales and free shipping offers but really you need to stop contacting me multiple times a day. Do I really need three emails telling me that I have been invited to the private sale? You need to learn to play a little harder to get. You are making yourself look desperate and pathetic.

In conclusion, J. Crew I will shop when I am ready! Until that day comes, stop stalking me via email.

I will always cherish those cashmere sweaters we shared.

Preppy love,
Your Favorite Shopper

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Replacement

I was optimistic for Britney Spear's post-Fed-Ex period, but my hopes have been replaced with an icky taste in my mouth. Not only is Brit sporting bad, bad fashion, various ugly hairstyles, and flashing areas that are NC-17 Rated, now she is sucking face with this dude!

Let the ickiness sink in for a moment. Cross-eyed, ick. Wearing some sort of ghetto "bling," ick! Greasy hair straight out of Brooklyn, ick! And of course a nice faux leather coat... make it stop!

This guy has to be related to K-Fed somehow, the trashy resemblance is clear.

Seriously Britney, what is wrong with boys who wear decent clothes and do not reek of Tag? It must be some sort of complex. I suggest immediate therapy... maybe Marc Jacobs will be your shrink.

NYE for Your Inner Elitist

Today I received an invite to a NYE bash in the City. Oh, but this is not just any overpriced New Year's Eve celebration, it is only for Ivy Leaguers.

The event is creatively titled "The Ivy New Year's Ball.” I like to refer to it as "New Year's for Elitists." I mean, celebrating New Year's Eve with someone who, say, went to NYU instead of Columbia is a terrible way to start off 2007. Nothing says bad luck like not having someone to kiss when the ball drops or even worse, kissing someone from a "less prestigious" academic institution.

Last year it was held at the Princeton Club but this year it has moved to the New York Hotel. I bet the old folks, uh I mean guests, at the Princeton Club were riled up that their nine o'clock martini was interrupted. The move is understandable. The last time I was at the Cornell Club in NYC I thought they were going to throw me out for being under the age of 50. I guess my unlined face and good looks unnerved them!

So back to the matter at hand, other than being surrounded by people who think they are better than common folk, are they any more reasons to attend? Well, the event company does list "complementary bottled water" as a perk. Wow, what a fabulous bonus! These promoters read my mind: the perfect NYE = High Strung Type A's + Water!

The only justification for the 150-dollar price tag is the open bars. Gosh, I would have to be wasted to voluntarily hang out at the Ivy Ball.

Get your business cards ready... it's almost time to network/celebrate the New Year! As for me, I will be partying with the commoners...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christie's: QVC for the Rich

I know a lot of people really love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but just how far are they willing to go?

Apparently to more than $800 grand… the price for the famous black dress featured in the movie. (Adding on Christie’s fees, the price then rose to more than $920K. Ouch, the fancy version of shipping fees.)

Although no one seems to know who bought the dress, I have a mental picture. It was probably some sad, lonely trophy wife of a freshly rich businessman. Oh, there is no way she will fit into a dress that the Christie’s model barely squeezes into. I suppose it will be a nice conversation piece at her next lame wine and cheese party. You know, the kind of event that makes people whisper that she should have spent that money to hire an event coordinator not a stupid movie prop. Then the conversation will turn to how fabulous the Costume Institute Gala was and in no time flat the guests will be sneaking out the door.

Anyway, the new owner is not even getting the only Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress out there. There are two others: one at Givenchy and another at the Museum of Costume in Madrid (where everyone can see it!).

Not a good buy, that dress is over-priced and not even original. Well, at least the proceeds went to charity…

No Need for a Crystal Ball

Just in case there was any doubt Britney is heading toward a really bad "E! True Hollywood Story," the signs are crystal clean now: Britney Spears is the next Michael Jackson.

Exhibit A: Britney wearing a t-shirt of her destiny.

Exhibit B: Similarities
-Both famous at a young age.
-Quasi-famous siblings. (Little Spears, the rest of the Jackson family.)
-Poor choices of partners. (Brit- weird guy from HS and idiot from the local trailer park; Michael- kids.)
-Strange wardrobe. (All of Britney's current attire, ditto for Michael.)

It's only a matter of time before little Ms. Spears...

...becomes a plastic surgery addict too!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why I Want a Lab

The NYT's Style Section has uncovered a trend: those little dogs are EVERYWHERE! Nice detective work guys. Anyway, the premise is that all those little, yippy dogs are just accessories:

"Flaunted as fashion statements, pint-sized canines are, to some minds, the fur-bearing equivalent of a pair of Louboutin pumps or other accessory. “I think of them as a handbag with a heartbeat,” said Robin Bowden, a vice president of Prudential Douglas Elliman, a real estate company in Manhattan. Ms. Bowden’s office on West 17th Street is a kind of home-away-from-home to a clutch of lavishly outfitted lap dogs belonging to various employees. “They have little beds and they scamper up and down,” she said. “I’ve seen brokers showing expensive SoHo lofts, turning up with these tiny puppy dogs in their designer bags.” "

It just seems so wrong. A "hangbag with a heartbeat"? A dog isn't an accessory, it is a friend.

But then again, when I get a puppy, I will plan on having him for a long, long time... Not just until the next best accessory comes along.

Fashion Insider?

I suddenly feel validated about not giving in to the heinous look of leggings. (Double ick!) According to the Wa Po all the "fashion insiders" shun them too...

(Not a "Do"!)

A part of the article... "After a brief summer dalliance, most fashion insiders, whose livelihood depends on their ability to express personal style, elan or inventiveness, steered clear of leggings."

And my livelihood doesn't even depend on my style, unfortunately. More proof I belong in the City, not in the tundra of upstate.

The best quote of the article:
"Trendiness can be measured by what one chooses to wear. Style is determined by what one chooses to ignore."

Well, I am going to take my stylish self and get back to the fun of B-School classes.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Bad Trip

Remember those old school PSAs where an egg was crack then fried while the ominous voice-over explained that this was your brain on drugs? Well, I am not sure if they were effective at preventing kids from taking drugs. This is what they should have shown:

Yes kids, if you take drugs you will think it is the 1960s! This means you will proudly flash the peace sign to onlookers. Yeah man, peace and love.

Drugs may even cause you to wear a weird necklace/chain thing on your head. Groovy, huh?

Then in her dazed state, Lindsey decided to throw on the random flowy white dress, Indian-style earrings, and sack, uh, purse for good measure.

This is why drugs are bad: You shouldn't fear your brain turning into a breakfast food, you should be scared of looking like a washed up hippie. Consider yourself warned.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The AMA's by Request!

So I didn't actually watch the AMA's that were on a week or two ago. Award shows leave me bored and with a bad taste in my mouth. Like I need to see a bunch of self-congratulatory celebs with an excuse to speak. Remember, celebrities are like children, meant to be seen and not heard. (I am thinking of those celebs that go out specifically to promote their new [shitty] clothing line or some random political cause [save the purple-tailed swallow!].) So I did my research the painless way, online.

On to the train wreck...

John Mayer, I remember when I used to love you. Now you look like a homeless man.

Refusing to get a haircut does not make you deep or soulful!

At first I was like, who is this random blonde girl? Then I realized that it was Ashley Simpson...

...thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery! This makes me want to reconsider a nose job for myself!

And then of course, there was Gwen Stefani. Not that I would really know, but this is how I envision girls in porn dressing.

This dress used to be in my closet too. I wore it for First Communion though.

Nice ruffles.

Oh, please make it stop. I do not know where to start on Carrie Underwood's, uh, outfit. It wouldn't have been THAT bad if she could have a least picked either shorts or a dress. Remember the skort? (Skirt in the front, shorts in the back.) Same mistake here.

There must be something in the Nashville water that inspires ugly attire like this.

The black dresses are just a tad blah for a swank (or pointless?) award show.

But compared to the other country people, the Dixie Chicks at least looked nice. They must live in Texas not Tennessee!

Finally, I am not usually a big Nicole Richie fan. But I really like her new, more natural hair color. The gold dress is actually beautiful too. My only suggestion is that she should have not gone with a strapless dress.

Too bad her skeleton-like figure cannot hold that thing up! Have yourself a yummy Christmas cookie, the bonus is that you will get your boobs back! Yea!

Who won awards? Who really cares? On to the next red carpet!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Red with Envy

Must... have... coat.

How did Jessica Simpson find this pretty red winter coat? It would be such a fun addition to my winter attire.

Luckily (more like unluckily), I live in a place where the height of daily fashion is a combo of leggings, Ugg boots (still??), and a fleece. I bet most girls would not even appreciate this coat. I mean, if they can't brush their hair and put on a little mascara what hope is there for more advanced girlie-tendencies to appear?

I am counting down the days until I live in a real city. At this point I will even consider Boston even though it is dreary and full of Red Sox fans.

Is it graduation yet?

Gifts for the Selfish at Heart

Let me preface this by saying, I am 99% done with my holiday shopping already so I can have a bit of a wandering eye. Presents are well and good but, let's face it, not always quite what we want. Here are a few pre-Holiday goodies you can buy without guilt since they are on sale:

Burberry Edonson Quilted Coat

I love their quilted coats for fall and spring, when it is quasi-cool outside. Or if you are in the South, all winter too.
Only $277, Guilt-Free Savings of $118.

Zac Posen Raspberry Silk Dress

The perfect party dress for a nice holiday party. Although your date may sideline you before you can actually make it to the party.
On sale for $1,190, Guilt-Free Savings of $510.

Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps

A prime example of good animal print. See the difference between cool giraffe and trashy cheetah?
Now $522, Guilt-Free Savings of $223.

Blumarine Lace-Trim Dress

Say hello to your new favorite LBD!
A mere $357, Guilt-Free Savings of $153.

Gucci Capri Bag

A nice winter white to carry you though the rest of the season.
Down to $973, Guilt-Free Savings of $417.

La Perla Chemise

Basically a bribe to keep the guy in your life from EVER complaining about your shopping.
Hush cost $184, Guilt-Free Savings of $124.

Happy Pre-Presents to you all!