Monday, October 23, 2006

It's ONLY half! Right?

A new survey (in "Jane") found that 20-something women spend around 48% of their disposable income on... you guessed it, clothing, beauty, and accessories for themselves. Apparently the girls of my generation (dubbed the "millenials" by some unknown source) "are children of the affluent baby boomers, so they grew up with an appreciation of quality goods and a desire to stay on top of trends." That's right, blame the parents.

But the real question is what is the rest of our disposable income being spent on? A few ideas of what the other 52% might include:
*Overpriced fourteen-dollar martinis. Thanks Sex and the City, now we're addicted to Cosmos.
*Electronics that essentially function as accessories... see: iPod, cellphones.
*Mace. (To protect clothes/accessories from thieves.)
*Storage places. No apartment ever has enough closet space!
*Pets that essentially function as accessories... see: little yippy dogs, hedgehogs, maybe ferrets?
*Dry Cleaning.
*Expensive sushi dinners with the girls. 30 dollars for dinner, ugg!
*Cars that essentially function as accessories... see: BMW, Benz, Porsche, etc.
*Cab rides to prevent ruining nice heels.
*And of course, on boyfriends who essential function as accessories! :)


Blonde Belle's Beau said...

20 something women would be well advised to divert some of their spending on consumption and seriously consider investing for the future. A few dollars a week in an IRA or 401(k) can translate into serious spendable income later on life due to the immense power of compounding. Sure, you won't look as cute when drinking your cosmo when you're 70, but you won't have to chose between the cosmo and that new fabulous skirt. You can have both!

Hedgie said...

I love that you listed Hedgehogs as accessories! haha!
Really love the blog!