Tuesday, October 24, 2006

China Calling

Today I received an email (from another CU student) and it appears we are being recruited by the Chinese government!

From the email:
"The 2008 Olympics Organizing Committee in China is recruiting international volunteers from universities with a worldwide diverse feature."
Okay, so international students aka Americans.

So tell me more about these "crazy" Olympics.
"Welcome to China for 2008 Olympics! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in 2008 Olympics in China, please send back your information to *****@cornell.edu. Your information will be rotated within the volunteer-to-be database. With equal chance, the lucky participants from US universities will be randomly chosen from the database to be the cost-all-covered volunteers for the 2008 Olympics in China. Expenses on airfare, hotel etc. will be covered by the China side."

Wow! A free trip to China! But wait, the selection process is random? Then why do they need all this info:
"i) Name;
ii) School;
iii) Major;
iv) Year of Study;
v) Citizenship;
vi) Commitment to take the volunteer task if chosen;
vii) Statement of Interest (Limited to one page, 12 point font);
viii) Hobbies and talents."

Whatever China, I'm not being fooled into your little free trip lottery. Last time I checked, employer-sponsored travel + free labor = indentured servant. (See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentured_servant)

However, if you could send over some of your yummy food maybe we can work out a deal!

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