Friday, October 20, 2006

AskMen Columnist Confuses Girls for Dogs

I don't normally get all "femi-nazi" on guys, I like to think that I am laid back and fun. But then I saw this article, "Training Your Girlfriend", and was almost immediately annoyed. Things only got worse as I read it...

"A girlfriend can make a best friend and ideal companion, but like any bitch (female dog, that is), she needs to be taught how to act around the house."

Okay, jerk, the only people allowed to refer to me as a "bitch" are my friends (who are girls). Plus, comparing the lady in your life to an animal is borderline beastiality (sp?). Gross.

Then there are the "problems" he lists:
Yap, yap, yap. She talks incessantly. But the problem is that she goes on and on and on about nothing. You're on the phone, trying to close a business deal, and there she is in the background, yipping about her new pair of shoes."

First of all, why are you "closing a business deal" at home? Second, she is probably talking about shoes for you so you can actually meet clients in person.

She always "begs" with her hands on her hips -- never on all fours. All you hear from her is, "I want this," "Give me that" (on your credit card, of course) and "My girlfriend's boyfriend bought her a car -- why are you so cheap?" Not to mention that she expects to be regularly taken out for expensive dinners."

Asking for something on your hands and knees? This is America not some crazy harem. Like most high quality items, beautiful, intelligent women are expensive. Get used to it cheapskate.

Finally, he concludes:
"All in all, obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your girlfriend and yourself, because a well-trained girlfriend makes for a happy relationship. It can enrich your dating life by eliminating unwanted behaviors and can make your time together much more enjoyable. The ultimate result is that you'll wind up with a girlfriend who will treat you well and work hard to please you... the perfect pet to have around the house."

A perfect pet huh? Too bad the "master" in this situation is still an a**.

I am almost positive this guy is single. So have fun "training" your right hand buddy...

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carolina girl said...

hmmmm...last time i checked, it's usually the guys who need the 'training' i mean come on, what up with the toilet seat?! ;o)