Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cornell Students Finally Find a Cause to Believe In

I have already been invited to a Facebook group about this cause so it must be important! And now the Cornell Daily Sun is reporting on it, which totally makes it news worthy...

Extending the bar hours?

Members of the Student Assembly and the Cornell Democrats are on a valiant crusade to let you, yes you, drink a whole additional hour! (This included all those underage freshmen at the Palms.) Way to fight the "man"!

But the townies are always trying to play spoilsport. It seems alcohol may actually make students do some pretty asinine things. According to reports in the Daily Sun:
“An elderly couple looked out of their window one fine evening and saw a group of students mooning them,” she said. “I have been told that people drunk out of their minds have somehow made their way into people’s homes and went to sleep on their couches, and they found them there in the morning.”

A drunkard got into your house? Maybe this is a gentle lesson to LOCK YOUR DOORS! Have you seen the hippies in the gorges? They will break into your home and take your organic produce. Wait, what was I writing about...

Back on track, the students are using the additional tax revenue and the promise of decreased binge drinking to justify to extension of hours. Oh yeah, and all those cool "urban" cities are doing it.

Come on townies, more taxes in exchange for a cooler college town! Good deal huh?

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