Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christina, You Aren't Fooling Anyone!

This morning I was watching MTV and Christina Aguilera's new video "Hurt" was on. It was so over the top and cheesy! I love it that singers think these videos are mini-epic movies that will stand the test of time. Those delusions of grandeur can start an artist going down the scary Michael Jackson path... just think of the progression from "Thriller" to now. Ick.

Anyway, the part the bothers me most is that Christina is suddenly all classy again. Ohh, look at you with your 1940's pinup style... whatever. I think she needs to be reminded of what she was acting like not so long ago:



Once a scank, always a 'dirty' scank. Go back to your overly sexual lyrics and stripper-inspired dance moves; we all know who you are on the inside.

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