Friday, October 20, 2006

Bill Simmons has Excellent Taste!

I'm not talking about sports... I could care less that he is obsessed with the Red Sox or whatever. (Maybe he will preorder one of those new coffins with baseball logos on them?) Anyway, the real person I am a fan of is his wife aka the Sports Gal.

This week she wrote about "The Devil Wears Prada":
"They don't make enough movies where there's a young girl who has no style and can't fit in, and then, as the movie goes along, she realizes you need to look the part to get ahead. So she finds somebody non-threatening who's willing to help her understand how to dress and act, and the whole time, everyone's wearing great clothes, looking great and going to high-society events. And by the end, she's cooler and more stylish than anyone in the movie."

Girls love makeovers and Cinderella stories. Okay, maybe not ALL girls but the ones who I typically associate with at least!

Then the Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) jokes that they should just keep making the movie over and over with slight changes in location and situation. I guess he doesn't go to the movies often enough. It seems that basically ever new premiere is just a rehashed version of an older one. Oh well, it sells.

But this is why I really heart the Sports Gal, she uses Bill's idea against him:
"Bill has something like 50 favorite sports movies and they're all the same movie - somebody's an underdog, nobody believes in them, then they win the big game in the end. That's every sports movie. So how is that different then making my fashion movie premise 50 different ways? I think Bill is a hypocrite."

That's right, guys are hypocrites. We all know every sports movie is just a Cinderella story with a scoreboard.

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