Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cheap Trick

My boyfriend often jokes that he will either A) have to devote a large portion of his salary to buy my purses or B) somehow con a large dowry out of my parents. There are lots of purse-loving ladies out there and plenty of stores to court them. But is that bag an investment or a seasonal trend? For those in the latter category, "borrowing" purses may be the way to go.

The Deal: Lends you purses in exchange for a monthly fee.
Pros: You can get that new BE & D now and then get rid of that sucker when your tastes change. Good for girls with bag "commitment issues."
Cons: The monthly fee for upper end purses (LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc.) is 175 dollars... or over 2 grand a year. (And $10 shipping per bag.) Plus if you mess up the bag after a few too many glasses of champagne the company can change a "reasonable fee" or even the full replacement costs.

It all sounds easy enough. But you like feel like a bit of a poser when that super-stylish friend asks to use that fabulous Marc Jacobs tote and you have to admit it was never truly yours.

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