Monday, October 30, 2006

Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

Americans love to blame other people for their problems. In that grand tradition, I have seen people seriously blame Cookie Monster for obesity in children. The blame game worked enough for producers to change Cookie's tagline to "Cookies in Moderation!" Like this was the cause of your kid being a fattie.

Too bad these angry people missed the real menace... Girl Scouts. Oh I know, they are so cute and innocent. (I used to be one; I know how cute I was!) First, they make you feel bad about not buying cookies from them at the grocery store. Then they knock on your door and catch you off guard. They are so sneaky!

But these now the Girl Scouts are ADVERTISING! Seriously. The radio commercials say how they value your support and all the wonder programs the cookie-revenue helps. They are totally tech savvy, now you can go online and FIND a cookie booth. Girl Scouts of America stop making our population obese.

Mmmm, thin mints.

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