Monday, October 23, 2006

Even better than XBox!

Wa Po has created probably the dorkiest game of the face of the planet: Midterm Madness! I kid you not. This totally tops fantasy football in my book.

In this riveting experience, players pick who will win the various elections in the House and Senate. You can pick an individual seat and then get all the important data you need to make your choice. Too bad the info only includes jobs the candidate has held, legislative experience, religion, and birthplace/current residence. I can see someone picking winners and losers solely on their birth city. (This game totally helped my political awareness: now I know that my rep is Catholic and so is his opponent. In other words, I shouldn't even bother to vote. Yea apathy!) Anyway, once you have switched the seats, there is a handy-dandy pie chart to help you see how the balance has changed. If you are having a problem finding it, the creative geniuses at Wa Po have labeled it "House Pie Chart" or "Senate Pie Chart". Nice.

There is only one bonus: prizes! So bored political junkies, go attempt to win some free stuff!


Adrian Holovaty said...

Glad you like the game! Er, I think you like it.

Any ideas on how to rename the pie charts?

-Adrian (

Blonde Belle said...

Although I hate to admit, I do like the game. (All sarcasm aside.)

Off the top of my head, I would think titles like “House Composition”, “Senate Balance of Power”, or even just “House Breakdown” would work well. Given the typical reader, I’m sure they are aware of pie charts.

Now more importantly, is there any way one of those AmEx gift cards can accidentally be sent my way? ☺