Thursday, October 19, 2006

Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping in October

Sometimes we all need a little help shopping for holiday presents (or "Dear Myself" gifts), luckily BCBG is on the ball! Get ready to commercialize the holidays now...

My Trend Analysis:
1) "Balancing Act"-Better known as puffy shirt with stick legs. Only really looks decent on thin girls. Boo.
2) "Go Wild"-Animal print. I am conflicted. It's so easy to slide into the trailer trash variety... ask a classy friend for help! And in my personal opinion, zebra or giraffe are the least likely to go bad.
3) "Boy Meets Girl"- Their not-so-creative way of telling you to buy a button-down shirt. Classic.
4) "You're Getting Warmer"- Puffy coats?! Who knew my New York survival coat was so stylish. But seriously, look for a coat like this one that has compressed down. Your snowballing-fighting friends will approve!
5) "High Waist"- Can look odd with a larger chest. Try before you buy!
6) "Updated Classics"- Those shoes are not cute! Period.
7) "Lady in Red"- Who were the ad wiz kids who came up with this? Red is wonderful for all those obligatory holiday parties. Just slip into one and eggnog your cares away.
8) "Black Magic"- We all have a LBD (FYI: Little Black Dress) by now.
9) "Celebrate in Style"- More like "We Changed One Strap On This Dress, So Buy It Again". I'm tired of your games BCBG design team!
10) "Top Notch"- In case you were living under a rock, these appear to be popular.

Summary: Break out that flirty cocktail dress, it's only a month and a half before those random holiday drinking events*.
*Watch out for mistletoe and desperate men.

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