Monday, October 30, 2006

The World's Lamest Gifts

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog is supposed to be items you dream and wish for... but who really wants this junk?

Exhibit A: Pencil Skyscraper
True to its name, this is "art" made of pencils. You can purchase a 20 inch tall version at a mere six grand or splurge on the seven footer for forty grand (ouch!). What would you do with this thing? Put it next to your six-foot pile of erasers?

Exhibit B: Good Life Dog House
This gives new meaning to the saying "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Now your dog can live in its own glass house. If your dog is like mine, they will not enjoy this $7,000 gift. Dogs will most likely ruin the mini-sofa and then accidentally run into the glass walls. Not good.

Exhibit C: Human-Electric Hybrid Vehicle
It's basically an enclosed electric tricycle but with a price tag of 40,000 dollars. (Can I just get a car instead?) Not only is it pretty unnecessary, it is also really ugly. I would rather have the bike pictured here but I guess that would make me a boring, poor person.

Stick to the normal gifts in the catalog instead of these prize losers.

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