Friday, October 20, 2006

Intelligent Design: Designer Denim or Generic Jeans?

One of the comments made me ponder, is there really a difference between the 200 dollar pair at NM and the run-of-the-mill mall ones?

Luxury Pricepoint ($120 to ??)
~Found at high-end department stores (Saks, NM, Barney's) and cute boutiques (Vary by location).
What you get for the money...
-Higher quality denim. This often entails specialty blends that allow the fabric to stretch or be extremely rigid.
-Special details. Look for unique sticking patterns or cool rinses (the color of the denim).

-A status symbol. Let's face it, girls (and guys) buy this type of jeans to impress people with what design they have on their back pockets.

Traditional Pricepoint ($50 to $120)
~Found at middle range department stores (Dillards, Macy's) and nicer mall stores (think Banana Republic).
What you get for the money...
-The largest variety within one price point, from basic straight leg to "premium" denim at some stores.

-You can often find the styling of high-end jeans for a lower price.

-No special back pocket appeal.

Budget Pricepoint (Under $50)
At mass retailers (Target, Walmart) and other mall stores (like AE).
What you get for the money...
-Basic cuts, styles. Good for a flare, may not be wonderful for finding a new skinny jean.

-Fabric often has less fit integrity... aka they stretch out quickly.
-Beware of frumpy designs and oddly placed pockets!

Like many aspects of style, how much you pay for your jeans is a personal choice. The biggest challenge is to try on a million pairs (regardless of price) until you find the perfect one! On a personal note, I would stick with the mid to high range jeans on the basis of quality. Oh and remember: it's not the jeans, it's the personality you bring to them!

Final Tips:
*Buy jeans tight. They will loosen up with wear.
*A lot of girls discount a pair because they are too long. If the fit is good just get them tailored... it's not as expensive as you might think.
*Most importantly, never buy jeans on a time crunch! They turn out to be the pairs that sit at the bottom of your drawer.

Have fun shopping!

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