Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are You Twelve?

So I know everyone loves Robin Hood. He helps poor people, can shoot a bow and arrow, and hooked up with a hot Maid. This does NOT mean you should wear your Robin Hood costume to class. Period.

I was walking through Ho Plaza (that always makes me laugh) and I saw this skinny, weird Cornell boy decked out for Halloween. Yes, today is Halloween but come on, wearing your costume to class is totally lame. It only shows that you don't have any event outside of school to show off.

(To the Right: A much, much, much more handsome version of what I saw. Subtract all the muscles and insert nerdy glasses and ugly backpack.)

My advice: There will be parties on College Ave. tonight. You could also go to Johnny O’s; they are having a costume contest. Anyway, show up around 11 PM. Make sure you pre-partied so you aren't nervous about crashing. Also, wear a mask; people will assume you are someone they know. I'm sure that lady in the "Sexy Whatever" costume will totally dig your "Robbing the Rich" style.

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