Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Bergdorf Blonde's Opinion

Now that it is November, the holiday party season can begin! Bergdorf's read my mind and sent me a reminder that I need to get a new fancy dress for all these events. However, even at such a lovely establishment there are good, bad, and just pain ugly dresses...

The (Very) Good:
I am now obsessed with this Vera Wang stunner. The detail of the shirring is so festive and beautiful. I also am a fan of the "aubergine" color, it's dark enough to still be slimming but a change from basic black.

And there is a bow in the back... you are like a well-wrapped present!

The Bad:
While this Donna Karen look isn't all that terrible, it is a tad matronly. Save it until you're had a few kids.

The Oh-So Ugly:
Ewww, Juicy Couture you should have stopped at tracksuits. This dress is not appropriate for any nice event! And I just can't get over my dislike of leggings. Ick.

I usually like DVF (Diane vonFurstenburg) but this dress is a mess. I'm pretty sure my high school sewing projects turned out better than this. It's shapeless and boring! Boo!

Now off to find fun places to wear this stuff!

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carolina girl said...

hmmm...i feel like that poor guy on Project Runway (who got kicked off after putting together a dress that looked like somethign akin to a tree trunk in both color and shape) was trying for this look with all of his hand rouching -- aaahh if only he had chosen the lovely aubergine instead of oak bark brown.