Monday, November 13, 2006

Appearing Soon

Townies in Ithaca just love bumper stickers. Of course there is the obligatory "Ithaca is Gorges" stick but political stickers are a must too.

Think: "Re-defeat Bush in 2006!" "Treehugger" "Bush Must Go!" "No one died when Clinton lied." An old "Kerry/Edwards" sticker. The more, the better.

(A townie Grandma shares the joy of "Bush Must Go" stickers. Fun for the whole family!)

Now townies have a brand new decoration to add to their Priuses.

Get it? Speaker of House comes after the Vice-President in the line of succession. Personally I would take a Paulson in 2007 sticker. (Fifth in line is the Secretary of the Treasury.) Goldman Sachs over politicians any day! For now my car will stay pretty and undecorated.

FYI: The views from the Goldman offices at 50 Broad Street are amazing. Can you see all of NYC from your office?

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