Monday, November 06, 2006

Reuters Makes Me Uncomfortable

I tend to think of Reuters as a stuffy news organization... always reporting on international goings-on and what not. So the headline "Most Indian men want virgin brides" seemed pretty standard. Not so!

Yes, yes, they like virgins but the study found much more. Let the grossness begin...

About half of young Indian men surveyed had had sex with a prostitute. Eww! Half?! I mean going to a strip club I can understand but paying someone to have sex with you, come on! STD central!

Almost forty percent had had a "homosexual experience." Wow.

And then Reuters slipped in one more finding... fourteen percent had had sex with someone IN THEIR FAMILY. Is India the new Kentucky? That is so wrong.

Not to sounds culturally insensitive, but all this makes me a tad squeamish. Just to let you know, Brazil is now my favorite BRIC country. How does that feel India?

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