Friday, November 03, 2006

Ensuring Designer Falls

Shoes are so tricky. On one hand, they make us look long, lean, and sexy. On the other hand, with one false step we are likely to end up flat on our backs.

Now the Vogue has the '07 Spring Accessories report out, it's time to find the shoes most like to cause bodily harm:

These black and white Pierre Hardy platforms look like art more than footwear. The tiny stiletto and weirdly rounded platform ensure you will be taking baby steps to your destination.

From Balenciaga, the leader in unwearable shoes...

Not only does these Marc Jacob's wedges look painful, they are also hideous. So not worth the money and effort!

All these shoes remind me why is it so important to have health insurance! You never know when our lovely footwear will abuse us next…

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