Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Style the First Victim of Stress

It is the last week of classes and here at Cornell that means every prof has decided to give you a paper, presentation, or other random busywork to annoy you before finals week. In my classes, this end of semester crush usually entails working in a group with several other just-as-anal students and who also have a million things to do. Fun.

Everyone shows their stress in different ways. There are the kids who can be seen chain smoking outside of the Hotel School, just dreaming of the day when they will run a nice resort in the Bahamas. And the Engi-Nerds wandering their quad, somehow appearing even more downtrodden than usual. Not the mention, the ever-growing line of people in the Olin library cafe, patiently waiting to get their hourly caffeine fix.

Well my stress level shows up in a weird sort of way: I dress down. To someone that does not know me, this may seem like an insignificant change but believe me, it is a major alteration. I just feel icky when I am not wearing something decent. I guess this is the opposite of how most hoodie-addicted, leggings-loving Cornell students feel.

Today it got bad... I wore a Salty Dog tee, jeans, and sneakers to class. That is right, in public!! The only redeeming qualities of the outfit were the nice Citizens jeans and that my t-shirt was pink.

(The tee in question.)

I hope this rash of college fashion will past quickly... someone on this campus needs to look cute.

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