Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shopping for Two!

Just the thought of going shopping with one's boyfriend can send any girl into panic mode. They get fidgety and agitated upon stepping into a nice establishment. Even worse, guys usually can't stand the concept of paying for the pretty clothes we adore. Well, I have figured out a sure fire way to enjoy some quality holiday shopping and still be that annoying cute couple. (Versus the not-so-cute couple fighting over where to park.)

Distraction Strategy One: Dogs
In my opinion, most decent guys love dogs. (It's on my checklist of good guy traits.) Anyway, there is the cutest store that provides a nice lab for your man to play with! It's called Maggie and Lola. This adorable boutique is located on Capitol Hill at E and Penn SE.

Lola is a black lab who loves to play with her squeaky duck. She will distract any boy while you look at their lovely selection of clothing and accessories. They even have Hanky Panky undies that are so freaking cute!

Bonus: This lovable dog will keep your boyfriend so enraptured he will tell you that 250 dollars is a reasonable price for a cashmere sweater. It happened!

Distraction Strategy Two: Food
This can take on two forms. First there is the ever-popular send-him-to-the-food-court method. You can shop in peace while he munches on a burrito or whatever.
I prefer the second method, although it does not work in all stores. Find a store that is giving away food! An old favorite in this category is William Sonoma. Those people always have some overpriced jam they want you to try! This weekend I leveraged this strategy into a full-blown Bailey, Banks, and Biddle trip. In preparation for their upcoming sale, they had a bevy of finger foods. Between the snacks and guessing prices we spent a good half hour looking at the sparkly treasures. Nice.

Good luck ladies!

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Blonde Belle's Beau said...

$250!!! They use that dog to soften up the customers! I have no recollection of saying that was a good price. Oh no, what else did I agree to after playing with that brainwashing dog?? I see myself at a chick-flick in the near future.