Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cornell Dems Get Together, Bad Puns Abound

The Cornell Daily Sun exposes what really goes on at those election-watching parties: champagne and not-so-great jokes. A sample:

"One student, who wore a tee shirt that said, “Santorum: That’s Latin for asshole.” "

Classy. Negative campaigning meets the t-shirt.

" “Are you double-fisting?” he said.
“Yeah, I’m bi-cameral.” The room broke out in hoots."

This must have been the booze kicking in. Just like that time your friend told you that story about a cat in a tree, the one that didn't have a point and wasn't funny. Somehow it kept you laughing for an hour. Blame Natty Light.

" “The Republicans are looking for the pony in the manure pile right now,” he said. Another time: “The elephant in the room — or should we say the donkey.” "

Very original guys. I bet it took you all of O-Chem lab to come up with those winners.

Over at a Republican watching party, the mood was obviously a little different:

" “I think some of the criticism is just hippies,” Barry said. “The liberals of America attacking us just to attack.” "

Dang those hippies they are so violent? I just picture Nancy Pelosi as a crazy rottweiler.

Lesson learned: these mini-wonks are not funny. Or maybe it is just the school they come from.

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