Friday, November 03, 2006

To Do: Buy Curtains

At first I chalked this story up to its location: Ohio. Then again there are peeping Toms everywhere so here we go...

Earlier this week a middle-aged man in a random small town in Ohio was arrest for public indecency. Note the "public." Where was this perv prancing around? The park? The mall (if they even have one)? A bar? No, no, and no. The man was in his HOUSE. That's right, no nakedness in the privacy of his own little place.

Even stranger, according to the local news, the police arrested him after seeing him through a window. So en route to the local donut shop these officers just happened to be looking in naked guy's house? Ew.

That naked neighbor in Friends is just lucky he lived in NYC and not the blandest state of all.

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