Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A New Reason to Reconsider Selective Sterilization

The word on the street is that Flavor Flav is going to be a father... again. This will be his seventh child. According to People: "Flav described [her] only as a 'shorty in Las Vegas.' " Shorty in Vegas huh? That is so code for stripper!!

The thing I don't get is why women are sleeping with this guy. He has no career (VH1 so does not count!), he's 47 years old, can't speak well, and is really, really ugly. What a catch? Someone should stage a boycott. I am 99% positive the world will be better off if he has no more kids!

I guess some scanks will sleep with anyone. Even a guy who randomly wears a big clock at all times.

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