Monday, October 23, 2006

Ivies Fail Men's Health Fitness Test, Too Busy Studying for Real Exams

The Men's Health has ranked the fittest universities in the country... and drumroll please... uh, none of the Ivies made the list. Although I was pretty amused to see who did make the Top 25:
1. Dickinson College. What the? Where did they find this place? Oh, PA.
23. Ithaca College. Same town as Cornell, just without the work ethic. I actually see these people at the bar unlike the average Cornellian who spends their weekends in one of the like 14 million libraries.
10. University of Richmond. Expect the baseball team, I heard that they allow obese people to play for them!
22. U of Denver. Just look at Condi!
8. TCU. Way to rock it Horned Frogs! Maybe this is why people there are so good looking? Okay, maybe I am a tad biased.

To be fair, just like any ranking the variables may or may not have anything to do with actual fitness. Just because a town has some fast food venues (one of the variables) doesn't necessarily mean students are out of shape. Oh well, I just hope our new President doesn't try barring the hot truck to compensate. Remember President Skorton, we don't get hired because we have the perfect abs*.

*Unless you are an actor, trainer, dancer, model, infommercial fitness person...

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Blonde Belle's Beau said...

Obese or not, a Spider beats a Horned Frog any day!

What is a Horned Frog anyway?