Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before the Ball Drops

It almost time to kiss 2006 goodbye and say hello to a new, even more fantastic year! With the big 0-7 rapidly approaching I have been debating about my New Year's resolutions. Like many people I usually end up having a few glasses of champagne and then deciding that losing 30 pounds would be a stellar idea for the upcoming year. This is always bound to fail because A) I would have the BMI of an underfed model and B) I just like candy too much. So I am trying something radical; I am going to decide on resolution before I am, uhh, tipsy.

Here are a few I have been playing with...
1. Stay in touch with faraway friends! Being in the freezing cold of New York is bad enough, but being there without your friends is even worse. I think this resolution would include finding a job in a city with lots of cheap flights so it is easier to visit my friends across the continent. Come on job in DC or the City!

2. Do not give in to the last semester slump! Some of my friends (who shall remain nameless) have decided to completely give up on looking cute this semester. Apparently this would involve wearing sweatshirts and no makeup every day as opposed to their normal stylish apparel. I am going to try to stay strong. Ithaca will not break me!

3. Make a list of my post-graduation goals! Not the most exciting task, but I think it will help to anchor me when I get into the hazy "real world." I do not want to become one of those zombies commuting to work on the subway/train/bus who blankly stare at the floor. That is so freaky.

Yeah, they are not the most creative resolutions on the block. I am open to suggestions on this one...

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