Monday, December 11, 2006

The Replacement

I was optimistic for Britney Spear's post-Fed-Ex period, but my hopes have been replaced with an icky taste in my mouth. Not only is Brit sporting bad, bad fashion, various ugly hairstyles, and flashing areas that are NC-17 Rated, now she is sucking face with this dude!

Let the ickiness sink in for a moment. Cross-eyed, ick. Wearing some sort of ghetto "bling," ick! Greasy hair straight out of Brooklyn, ick! And of course a nice faux leather coat... make it stop!

This guy has to be related to K-Fed somehow, the trashy resemblance is clear.

Seriously Britney, what is wrong with boys who wear decent clothes and do not reek of Tag? It must be some sort of complex. I suggest immediate therapy... maybe Marc Jacobs will be your shrink.

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