Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maligning Macy's

I hate Macy's. I know a lot of people have special feelings for their Thanksgiving Day parade or the movie Miracle on 34th Street, but this is about the actual shopping experience there. And shopping at Macy's sucks.

Today I had the joy of walking though Macy's to get to the decent stores. I swear it is like the Iraq of department stores. There were clothes scattered everywhere. Like I want to buy something that has been on the grungy Macy's floors. Who knows the last time someone actually vacuumed them!

It seemed like there were random piles of clothes everywhere I turned. This is the sort of thing I expect from a store like Hollister, where they are paid to look attractive and not do anything. (Trust me, they hire ugly people to work nights and fix up the store.)

The shoe department was just in the same horrible condition. Even the non-sale items were upturned like a two-year old was in charge of arrange the displays.

And I do not even want to know where the employees come from. This woman was running the Dior counter when I was walking though. Dior! Macy's, have some respect for the few nice brands you have!

I mean, they could not manage to straighten their Kate Spade display. Where is the floor manager? Do they even have a floor manager? Or employees that have ever worked retail before?

Honestly, I am not sure what 20-something would dare to shop there. Their section of cute jeans was downright pathetic. I have more brands in my closet than they had in the whole jean department. And while BCBG is fine and dandy, it seems like the only upper-end brand they stock. (I know, calling BCBG upper-end is pushing it!)

Macy's you need a major overhaul. As an avid WSJ reader, I know your sales have been less than stellar this quarter. I just hope Federated does not ruin Bloomingdales too.

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