Friday, December 01, 2006

Gifts for the Selfish at Heart

Let me preface this by saying, I am 99% done with my holiday shopping already so I can have a bit of a wandering eye. Presents are well and good but, let's face it, not always quite what we want. Here are a few pre-Holiday goodies you can buy without guilt since they are on sale:

Burberry Edonson Quilted Coat

I love their quilted coats for fall and spring, when it is quasi-cool outside. Or if you are in the South, all winter too.
Only $277, Guilt-Free Savings of $118.

Zac Posen Raspberry Silk Dress

The perfect party dress for a nice holiday party. Although your date may sideline you before you can actually make it to the party.
On sale for $1,190, Guilt-Free Savings of $510.

Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps

A prime example of good animal print. See the difference between cool giraffe and trashy cheetah?
Now $522, Guilt-Free Savings of $223.

Blumarine Lace-Trim Dress

Say hello to your new favorite LBD!
A mere $357, Guilt-Free Savings of $153.

Gucci Capri Bag

A nice winter white to carry you though the rest of the season.
Down to $973, Guilt-Free Savings of $417.

La Perla Chemise

Basically a bribe to keep the guy in your life from EVER complaining about your shopping.
Hush cost $184, Guilt-Free Savings of $124.

Happy Pre-Presents to you all!

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