Saturday, February 17, 2007

If You Like Pina Coladas...

It is officially less than a month until Spring Break! So get excited to leave the cold behind for a few days… and attempt to forget about that huge paper you have to write when you return. In my experience, traveling is ten times better with a little pre-trip planning. Desperately trying to pack a few hours before your flight takes off will not relax you one bit. You are more likely to fly into a rage when you discover that your favorite bikini is inexplicably MIA.
There are a few necessities when packing for your tropical getaway. (Oh and if you will be going to a not-so-warm city, I am sorry if this post makes you feel unloved.) First and foremost, pack a good bathing suit. Not an “okay” one! Those are the ones that end up making you feel fat for the whole trip. I prefer a bikini to a one piece but that's mostly because I dislike odd tan lines. This cute lavender and pink printed Cavalli Freedom bikini is on sale at Bluefly.

Do not forget a beach towel. These striped ones are two for a mere 12 dollars at Target. They come in a bunch of colors so you can coordinate with your bathing suit. Much better than whatever the resort has lying around!

A practical tote is great for hauling your magazines, water bottles, iPod, and assorted junk to the pool. This straw one is on sale for about 20 dollars at J. Crew. And remember to bring your sunscreen to the pool with you! (SPF 8 does not count.) You do not want to end up being that girl who looks like a lobster in every picture. Or even worse, you may have to stay indoors the whole trip. This always happens to someone on the trips I go on!
Whenever you leave the pool for some random reason, an excellent cover up is in order. This lightweight white C&C California dress is right up my alley. It is all cotton so you do not have to worry about being extra careful with it. It is always nice to have a wearable fabric when you are drinking margaritas in the blazing sun. Not that that would cause you any problems, right?
No one wants to face the tropical rays without a pair of shades. (Unless you really like to squint.) I am somewhat tired of the huge oversized sunglasses. Lately I have gone back to wearing aviator style ones. I am a big fan of these Stella McCartney ones. They cost a pretty penny so try not to wear them in the ocean. It seems like a good idea until you get tossed by a giant wave.
While tossing a ratty pair of Rainbows or Reefs into your suitcase might seem convenient, an upgrade would not hurt. These Mella leather sandals are the perfect getaway footwear. They are even nice enough to wear out at night if you want to stay comfortable. Just watch out for mean girls with heels! They always seem to step on exposed toes.
Finally do not forgot to bring at least one fun sundress. You can use them for day activities like exploring the local town. (Cheap jewelry anyone?) Then at night, throw on an eye-catching necklace or dangly earrings plus a bright clutch and you are set! I love this Anthropologie dress because it reminds me of the blue and green colors in the ocean and sky.

So do not wait until the last minute, get planning now!