Thursday, February 08, 2007

Clothes V. Boys

It is no big secret that a lot of ladies love clothes. But just how deep is their adoration?

A new study out confirms every guy’s worst nightmare: girls may like their clothes more than you.

Some findings included…

-The average woman surveyed would forgo sex for 15 months in order to receive a brand new wardrobe of clothes. (Ouch!)

-About half of the women said that an article of clothing was better at making them feel sexy than their guy. (I can understand this one. I instantly feel better when I am wearing a flattering outfit.)

-Apparently, a full 70 percent of the participants thought that love at first sight with clothing was real. Only about half thought the same for falling in love with a man. (I get this one too; clothes do not really have anything to hide. No pair of shoes has a crazy mother waiting in the wings!)

I suppose the guys of the world had better step it up… before clothes take over. Haha!