Thursday, February 22, 2007

JT Should Look into Bringing Brooks Brothers Back Too

Today the NYT's has a lovely article about shopping at the flagship Brooks Brothers store. I just love their clothes for guys. It must run in the family. I have hazy childhood memories of my Grandfather looking dapper in their suits, ties, and shirts. Some of those same ties where even passed down to other family members. I believe the biggest fight was over a tie with Harvard crests. (By fight, I mean a low key discussion. It's a WASP thing.) I cannot believe people cared that much! Guys and ties, it is a strange bond.

Back to the point, it makes me happy that some guys my age have learned the value of Brooks Brothers (and other assorted nice establishments). Don't guys get that girls love it when they dress up? (It must be so easy to be a guy.) I am glad the bf has this lesson down. Now I will just spend the rest of Thursday classes picturing him in one of his B.B. button downs. Thank you for the daily distraction New York Times.